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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 12
My first reaction was to flat out scream, losing my breath for a second before whirling backwards, falling clumsily onto my back and scooting away as far as I could. My eyes were split wide open, heart thumping so wildly I was sure Ashton could feel it pulsing against his fingers.
What the…
“CHAD. You DICK. You scared her!”
I blinked several times, chest heaving and curled up as far as I could into Ashton’s palm, practically falling off the hand. He quickly gathered me up with a soft “shhhh” sound, holding me closer to his chest protectively, as if that would calm me. And in complete honesty and utter disgust, something about the gesture did feel reassuring, making my cheeks flush a little.
Chad. The other giant. How did I not see him coming from outside? As I managed to get a better grip on myself, I saw him standing outside the house, doubled over in muffled laughter blocked out by the thick glass. His short, dirty blond
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 11
With a quick glance, Ashton whisked up the box of cereal suddenly, leaving the bowls abandoned on the counter, his practically empty and mine still full of crushed pieces. He began walking out of the kitchen, still clutching me in a tight fist and holding me up close to his face as he walked, which was totally safe. The bastard.
In a few seconds we were in what seemed to be a living room just across the kitchen, with the walls painted a delicate lavender color. There was a grey sofa at the far wall of it, a huge window implemented behind it and a large flatscreen on the other side of the room. The side wall was decorated in watercolor paintings and random, cheesy inspirational quotes.
With a large sigh, Ashton crashed onto the sofa, plopping the box onto a side table and I winced as the air whirled around me momentarily before fading into stillness. Tears brimmed the edge of my eyes at the momentum.
I was starting to get uncomfortable cramped in his fist, and I squirmed a little b
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 10
Ashton thundered out of the room, stomping down the hallway away from the bathroom I’d had the misfortune of being in earlier, and past a couple other closed white doors. I immediately tensed up. What if his father was in one of those rooms? My stomach turned at the thought of having to meet another freaking giant person. And if he was anything like Ashton…
Well…screw me
Again, doing that creepy mind-reading thing he loved to do, Ashton's deep voice suddenly spoke up, rumbling around me.
“You don't have to worry, by the way. My dad’s not here today, he's out on a…uh, business trip until tonight. Which comes in handy anyways, cuz I have school tomorrow.”
That did little to nothing to console me. His father would be home. Tonight. did that mean I had to see him?
Ashton's steps slowed to a halt, stopping in what appeared to be a kitchen, giant windows outlining a marble kitchen built against sunshine yello
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 9
A reality crashed on me like a two ton block of cement slammed into my stomach.
He’s…he's had another human before me. But wait, that didn't make sense. He said yesterday that the last time they had seen a human on earth was 16 years ago…and that would make him 2 years old. So…did his father find one of us?
I was wrapped up in my own thoughts, bound by the thought of another poor soul trapped here in this mysterious giant land. And if she was here before…
…Where was she now?
I suddenly felt pressure nudge my stomach and I gasped, a finger pushing into my torso and quickly retreating, the owners eyebrows furrowed.
“Hey, you awake in there? God, you space out a lot. I mean, I know how you feel though, whenever I'm in physics--“
“Is there another human living here?” I blurted out, unable to stop myself from my own probing curiosity.  Immediately I wished I had bit my tongue, but hope was burning away at my rib cage, e
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 8
Filled with disturbance, I turned away from the mirror, from that bruised, beat up girl that wasn't me, and instead towards the sink. Suddenly, no part of me felt comfortable taking off all my clothes with my own captor in the same room.  Underwear could dry fast enough, and it might actually be beneficial to get them clean while I'm at it. Who knew how long it'd be till I'd have another pair…
Dipping one foot in the water, I heard quiet, rhythmic humming coming from the shower, vibrating deep in my chest. I ignored it and sighed as the warm water melted off the ache and pain, and instantly plopped down onto the counter, both my legs now completely immersed in the bubbles. With a deep breath, I dipped myself in the hot soapy goodness, smiling as the water washed over my face and through my hair. Taking another deep breath, I flipped myself completely under the water, opening my eyes to the light blue water swirling in bubbles and wincing slightly at the sting. Memories of su
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 7
Troublesome thoughts raced through my mind, images of me pathetically peeing into a little bowl like a dog or a plant or anything horribly humiliating enough to be small enough for me. Every part of my brain screamed to ignore it, feeling as pathetic as a small child asking to use the potty to their parents. I didn't want to stoop to that level. But every inch of my body screamed Pee, you weak bitch. Get over yourself.
The nudge of a finger brought me back into real life and I glanced back up at Ashton, his eyebrows concerned.
“Ay, you alright there? You look like you're in pain, almost like-“
“I have to pee.” I blurted out before I could stop myself, the pressure against my bladder growing stronger and my face instantly reddening.
Ashton blinked at me blankly for a second, before his mouth flinched slightly at the corners, spreading into that amused smile of his, eyebrows raised.
“Ya don't say. Hold on, I'll be right back.”
Before I had tim
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 11
“Alright, you all know how it starts. Humans come up and get their food first! Everyone got a travel buddy?” Cathy chirped eagerly, giddy from her current status of being the first staff ever that Dean had listened to, at least voluntarily.
Flynn stiffened again and craned his neck over his shoulder. Dean was already smirking, no longer leaning in his hand but instead shifting it back onto the table, beginning to stretch it slowly over him. His blue eyes widened and he stumbled back, quickly shooting short, panicked glances over to the rest of the kitchen. Cathy was right, the other four humans that lived here were already teamed up with their friends, each one cupped in the hand of another. Crap.
Dean’s eyes darkened.
“Now c’mere, travel buddy…
Flynn sucked in a quick breath of air as the hand advanced towards him and he froze, chills running up and down his back and squeezing his eyes shut. Really, the last thing he want
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 6
I suddenly flinched as the hand behind me came up further, jolting me out of my thoughts as it rested against my back in an attempt to get me to lean back. Instantly, I crawled forward, away from the incoming hand, but of course I wasn't fast enough. In a second the hand decided to pluck me up, entangling my in a loose fist in front of the giant face.
All of the sudden, I bitterly missed being on that chest.
I squirmed a little in the grip, but quickly gave up, the scrutinizing gaze hammering into me and breaking my bones. He simply grinned, eyes never leaving mine.
“Jeez, I was right. You are a fighter. That should make your time here interesting.”
He laughed a little, for some reason seeming to hope I would laugh to, but I just stared at him blankly, more unamused than I had ever been in my life. His laugh faded into an awkward cough and he looked at me again, biting his lip.
“Well, err, why don't you tell me your name? Calling you ‘human’ all the time m
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 5
A disgruntled “Shit!” was the first thing I heard as I slowly regained consciousness, my eyes unable to unglue themselves shut, seeming sewn at their seams.
The next thing was the pounding, the blood pumping through the veins in my temples as I still swam in darkness. Dull memories began to sink back into my brain, swinging through my aching skull.
Falling, falling smack onto the floor.
Then darkness.

The floor…
My eyes split open, blinding light immediately penetrating my vision and I winced, slowly adjusting to the room around me. I was staring straight at the cream colored ceiling, sunlight glimmering in from nearby windows high above me, setting the room in a crisp, cool atmosphere.
Shit. Was it already morning...?
Then I remembered. The voice I just heard. The giant.
I sprang up into a standing position, my heart rate not quite keeping up and tightening my brain, suddenly feeling extremely lightheaded, horribl
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 4
The giant began moving again and I startled, aimlessly gripping the sides of the glass with a yelp once again to keep from flopping over.
All these sudden harsh movements were really starting to get to me.
I felt the jar being lowered once again then, and finally settled with a dull thud. I exhaled in mild relief and turned around to look out through the thick glass, watching with wide eyes as the giant walked a little bit away towards the center of the room. The table I was on was placed next to an enormous bed, lavished with a large grey comforter, a foggy blue pillow at the head, and dusty sketches taped onto the walls behind it.  The jar I was stranded in was practically adjacent to the top of the bed, where the pillow was, and next to me was what looked to be a giant alarm clock. It read 9:53. Oh god, I was on a bedside table. Just great.
I looked back at my giant freaking kidnapper, standing towards the end of the bed. In one swift movement, he gripped the back of hi
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 3
At that statement, my struggling became intense again. I trashed and squirmed away from him and away from this whole horrible situation, but it only made him grin, raising an eyebrow again with that chillingly amused expression plastered on his face.
He simply smiled watched me for several moments, dangling there helplessly between his two fingers until exhaustion over took me. How was all of this even possible? Just an hour ago I would've never dreamed of giant people existing, especially getting kidnapped by one. This couldn’t be real. It’s not logical!
Anger suddenly swelled up inside of me, swirled up in crippling fear, and I met his eyes and spat at him.
"You realize this is practically kidnapping right? I'm a person, I have rights. I have a home and a dad and sister. Please, let me go."
The smile never lifted from his face.  
In one swift movement, he stood up, the air around me rushing at his past and my head felt woozy. I quickly found myse
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 2
My heart and head began racing and spinning a mile a minute as I ever so slowly stood up, shaking from head to toe and utterly unable to tear my gaze from the terrifying spectacle in front of me. The creature’s shaggy brown hair was still tumbled downwards at the watch-like contraption on his wrist. I couldn't quite make out a face.
'J-just walk away slowly. Yeah. That's the best thing to do. This never happened. That thing never happened.'
It felt as though my whole body was buzzing, standing so closely to that skyscraper of a person as I carefully began walking backwards, clutching the plants next to me for support. My stomach knotted tightly beneath my ribs.
'Slowly.....slowly...You’re so close…so close to the fore-'
My whole world suddenly slammed on top of me as my foot caught in between to prickly branches just outside the woods, and with a loud shriek I fell back down, definitely bruising something. My luck.
I yelped and quickly clutched my hand
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 10
“Y-you're gonna what?” Flynn sputtered out, quickly absorbing the words the blue haired giant was telling him. Dean, he…he wanted to move past level one. He wanted to follow him. But…but he hadn't done that in months! At least that's what Abigail had said.
Dean swung his legs over the bed and Flynn yelped, stumbling around in his hand briefly before the movements stopped and a sly grin smiled down on him. He stiffened.
“You heard me.” Dean stated devilishly, his voice deepening at the end.
The excitement fizzing up like apple cider in Dean's chest only continued to grow as he looked down at the pink haired human in his hand, cupping him around tighter in the base of his palm. He saw Flynn flinch and reach out for the edges of Dean's palm for balance and to no avail, and he felt that familiar pang in his stomach as he watched him.
He suddenly didn't care if it made Flynn uncomfortable. He didn't care if the human would do anything he cou
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 1
Something was different today.
I could feel it welling up in my bones.
I was staring out from our sunroom at the edge of the house facing the backyard, the walls entirely made up of windows, and that's when I felt it. This stirring in my ribs, all this built up energy that was pushing me towards....the woods.
Why the woods? I had never traveled back there...well not completely. When I was younger my little 5 year old feet had managed to crawl themselves over the fence in a spur of exploration, only to be stopped by my dads arms before my legs had hit the ground.
"You can never go back there, Rose." He had told me.
"It's forbidden property. You wouldn't want to get yelled at by the neighbors, would you?"
My chubby toddler cheeks quickly nodded, terrified of the mysterious neighbors my dad had always told me about above the hill next to us that owned those woods. He smiled with relief, pushing blonde hair away from my eyes.
I had never met them, and I never really wanted too.
But here I
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 9
Flynn dangled there, stunned from shock and his new found embarrassment and let it pulse in his ears as he looked from Deans now wide smile to his dark playful eyes. His face was flooded with heat and all he wanted to do was crawl under the giant covers and just die.
But that was not exactly and option at the moment, being strung up between two  massive fingers that probably had no plan on letting go anytime soon.
“I…er… I can explain, y-you see-”
Dean chuckled and put a massive finger up to Flynn’s lips, which ended up being his entire face which only made Deans laughs deeper.
“Shhh, it's fine it's fine it was…cute.”
Flynn’s eyes widened and his humiliation only grew along with the redness of his cheeks and he hung his head down, kicking his legs a little helplessly in the air in a half assed attempt to free himself.
Deans grip on his bare waist tightened a little and he sucked in a gasp and looked up at the giant between his
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 8
Flynn woke up the next morning with that familiar sense of you not knowing where the hell you were because you're so used to seeing a familiar wall of a bedroom. The dread and realization came to him slowly, then all at once. The fact that he wasn't in his bed, then the fact that he was in fact on higher ground then his bed, then that this higher ground was mysteriously moving him up and down, and finally that it wasn't actually ground at all.
He froze.
Flynn’s immediate reaction was to whip out of bed, but he soon after realized that he couldn't move at all. His eyes traveled down, where he found a giant hand, smashed on top of him and reaching up to his chest and far past his feet. His tired, jumbled mind finally put the pieces together.
Aw hell, I'm on Dean’s chest, aren't I?’
Flynn’s face suddenly flushed a deep pink as Dean's chest slowly rose and fell, pressing him further against the hand and then back down. He couldn't even remember falling
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Untitled by Krisahe Untitled :iconkrisahe:Krisahe 240 4 Living Dolls Ask - Rough Treatment by DonnyAnne Living Dolls Ask - Rough Treatment :icondonnyanne:DonnyAnne 25 6 Hugs! (and falling backwards) by Baneofsugar Hugs! (and falling backwards) :iconbaneofsugar:Baneofsugar 2 0
ITLOE: Chapter I
'******' -- indicate a point of view switch.
'......' -- indicate time shift.
words in italics -- thoughts and emphasized words.
Chapter I – Assessing the Situation
Eyes opening up to a strange new world around her, Michelle Clara Knight sat up with an audibly loud groan. What did I do...? It feels like I have the hangover of the century! More importantly... She looked around briefly at the unfamiliar territory. Where the heck am I?
Impossibly large peach-colored walls towered above her on all sides and when she looked above to the ceiling, she saw a chandelier, appropriately separated from its siblings also on different sections of the ceiling, hanging by a post. It was stunningly breathtaking...not to mention rather expensive looking...which once again raised the question of where Michelle currently was.
She looked down at her clothes for a moment, seeing the same outfit that she was in previously. that's pecu
:iconnicole08196:Nicole08196 87 49
Living Dolls - Danger by DonnyAnne Living Dolls - Danger :icondonnyanne:DonnyAnne 16 4 Forest of Tides G/t Page 23 by Ayami6 Forest of Tides G/t Page 23 :iconayami6:Ayami6 69 13 Living Dolls Ask - Left Alone and Puberty by DonnyAnne Living Dolls Ask - Left Alone and Puberty :icondonnyanne:DonnyAnne 17 7 Lich Of Sense Triptych by LaEscritora Lich Of Sense Triptych :iconlaescritora:LaEscritora 12 10
Child of the Sea - Chapter 28 - Energy
Fumbling around in panic, I felt how strong currents grabbed hold of my lower body, forcing me down into the dark turbid waters yet again. Screaming to the sudden increase of pressure which slammed my ears shut, my mind gradually surrendered to the confusion.
I was lost, wherever here was. As if forced into another dimension in which no human belonged, nor a stage to which any human could walk back. We could not survive within these conditions, and only so far could a living being survive underneath these conditions.
With lungs filled with water, I found the short window in time for when a drowning creature could find peace. As if the life spared those few seconds in the end of a life, before the soul were set walking into the next world. My lungs exchanged air to water bit by bit, gradually being filled without my concern as I desperately tried to retake my breaths while calling out his name. Before I knew it, I was floating around in complete darkness, wondering what on earth I had b
:iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 6 11
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My first reaction was to flat out scream, losing my breath for a second before whirling backwards, falling clumsily onto my back and scooting away as far as I could. My eyes were split wide open, heart thumping so wildly I was sure Ashton could feel it pulsing against his fingers.

What the…

“CHAD. You DICK. You scared her!”

I blinked several times, chest heaving and curled up as far as I could into Ashton’s palm, practically falling off the hand. He quickly gathered me up with a soft “shhhh” sound, holding me closer to his chest protectively, as if that would calm me. And in complete honesty and utter disgust, something about the gesture did feel reassuring, making my cheeks flush a little.

Chad. The other giant. How did I not see him coming from outside? As I managed to get a better grip on myself, I saw him standing outside the house, doubled over in muffled laughter blocked out by the thick glass. His short, dirty blonde hair was blowing sloppily in the winter wind, covering his face. A large, black backpack was strung across his back.

It took me a few moments to steady my breathing, as I lay there awkwardly, partially smushed against Ashton’s chest, and watching with wide eyes at the other enormous giant outside the house. I suddenly felt completely and utterly overwhelmed.

Two giant people? I could barely handle one!

“Chad! Go through the front door, you dickhead!”

Ashton yelled, trying to be heard through the thick windows. The noise pierced through the air, booming all around me and I instantly clutched my hands to my ears, ducking down further into the cup of his palm.

His eyes glanced down at me as a sulking, but still chuckling Chad sauntered away from the window, going around the house and thankfully out of view. He noticed my hands smashed against my ears, and I squinted as I looked up at him from the uncomfortable 90 degree angle, eyes pleading.

“Oh shit, sorry. You've got tiny little ears, I almost forgot.” His voice softened to a whisper unnecessarily, and I squirmed uncomfortably, still trembling from my scare at the window.

A sharp knock on the door a couple hallways down boomed through the house and I jumped again, breath caught up in my throat.

God dammit, why was everything so freaking loud here?

A soft chuckle rumbled thorough Ashton's chest and I flinched as I felt it vibrate against me, slowly being pulled away from his chest and back up to his face. The room immediately became colder without the intense body heat of  his sweater. An unconscious part of me kind of missed the warmth.

“You're so skittish...” He murmured with furrowed eyebrows, almost looking partially remorseful, but not enough to acknowledge. A slightly bitter smile met his parted lips.

“We’re really not all that scary, Rose.”

I simply glared at him, clutching both of my arms and trying to stop my quivering, partially from the cold, but mostly because there was another giant, outside the house and completely interested in getting his hands on me. I mean, was I all that interesting?

Then again, I imagined what it would be like if my world discovered a whole new, accessible place full of tiny people…

My stomach sank.

We’d probably want to do the exact same thing.

“ASHTON. Get your ASS over here! It's fucking cold!” A loud, muffled voice rang from the front door, and both Ashton and I shot our glances in the direction.


Ashton yelled, cringing immediately after at the loudness of his own voice, which I had definitely, dreadfully, and painfully noticed. Clutching me back at his chest suddenly, he shuffled out of the room and down the hallways, until we were finally at the first hallway I had seen, the one with his and his father’s bedrooms.

I watched with wide, frightened eyes as he reached out to turn the knob and everything inside me began to crumble.

Another giant.

Probably malicious.

Right outside that door, just waiting to get his hands on me…

I'm not sure I could handle it.


Ashton's hand froze, piercing blue eyes flicking down to me and I gasped under my breath, clutching one of his fingers as he raised me up to his face. His eyebrows were furrowed and lips softened, completely oblivious to my obvious discomfort with this whole freaking thing.
I took a deep breath, my hands still quivering.

“I-I, uhm, I…”

I swallowed taking a quick glance behind my shoulder at the door. I could practically feel the presence behind it radiate into my skin.

“I-I'm not sure I want, er, I'm ready to-

“Ahh, I see what's going on. You're scared that Chad is gonna hurt you...”

I watched with terrified eyes as Ashton stretched out his hand back towards the doorknob anyways, a cry lodged into my throat. I felt myself being brought back down to his chest, horror taking a tighter grip on my gut. Before I could even protest, the door clicked open, and a smile rose to his lips.

“You've got nothing to worry about. I've got you.”

Dammit, that was the problem.
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 12
Sorry this chapter is a tad bit shorter *cough* only 6 pages on Word *cough* but with finals coming up things have been busybusybusy and I wanted to get SOMETHING out to you amazing people this week~

Only  a small introduction to Chad, but just wait for next chapter ohohohohohohohohohoh thats the ultra Chad introduction omg I'm excited y'all

And even some slight fluff in this chapter??? Ikr???

Really hope you guys are enjoying this story so far!! Tell me what you think~ ;w;
With a quick glance, Ashton whisked up the box of cereal suddenly, leaving the bowls abandoned on the counter, his practically empty and mine still full of crushed pieces. He began walking out of the kitchen, still clutching me in a tight fist and holding me up close to his face as he walked, which was totally safe. The bastard.

In a few seconds we were in what seemed to be a living room just across the kitchen, with the walls painted a delicate lavender color. There was a grey sofa at the far wall of it, a huge window implemented behind it and a large flatscreen on the other side of the room. The side wall was decorated in watercolor paintings and random, cheesy inspirational quotes.

With a large sigh, Ashton crashed onto the sofa, plopping the box onto a side table and I winced as the air whirled around me momentarily before fading into stillness. Tears brimmed the edge of my eyes at the momentum.

I was starting to get uncomfortable cramped in his fist, and I squirmed a little bit too try to loosen up the space. No use. All he did was shift his gaze over to me and grin moronically, playfully rolling his fingers a little tighter as if saying “nice try, kid.”  A small part of it reminded me of Kyle’s stupid little smiles, especially the ones he would give me after he just did something terribly wrong, but also terribly enthralling. My heart turned a little in my ribs.

“Now…!” Ashton blurted out, wearing a very dangerous thinking face. My stomach rolled as he brought me up closer to his face and looked deep into my eyes. I tried to swallow the cringe I could feel boiling up, overwhelmed with the intensity of those huge, blue eyes.  They fell over me lazily, full lips parting down the middle. I swallowed, heart beginning to pound anxiously.

“What to do…? I feel like there was something I was going to do…” He spoke to himself, looking me up and down as if I held the answer to that question. All of the sudden, his eyes split open, pupils dilating as a realization dawned on him.


Before I could even think or even scream, the grip around me completely disappeared and to my horror, I found myself plummeting down and down until I landed on a bump of fabric.

“What the hell!?” I spat subconsciously, regaining my footing  on the foreign suface and suddenly out of breath. Heart racing, I crawled up on my hands and knees, pushing my palms into my new ground.

Until I realized where I was.

Painfully slowly, I averted my gaze up…and up… up an enormous torso that towered over me, until I finally met the underside of Ashton’s chin, his eyes dancing over me haughtily as he leaned back on the sofa playfully, pressing his hips out slightly elevated so that I fell even deeper into the surface. My stomach instantly knotted, re-overwhlmed with fear of the giant being as he took up my entire vision. I saw a hand move downwards, slightly brushing over me before lying haphazardly on his thigh

My eyes narrowed in on where my hands were, still on all fours, and immediately my face burnt to a crisp. That little shit dropped me on…his lap.

Oh my god why.

I instantly shot up unsteadily to my feet, legs wobbling and darting my eyes around find any more, uh, safer ground. Seeing his jean-clad thigh a few steps over, I hurriedly stepped over with clumsy legs, fuming underneath my breath while my face was still enflamed. The surface underneath me rumbled slightly and I glared over my shoulder, biting my cheek as Ashton chuckled at my situation. He looked down at me as I made it over to his thigh, sitting down slowly on the much steadier surface. I could still feel the heat nipping at my cheeks, and I flicked my bangs in front of my face to hide it. His entire upper body towered over my height, his neck leaning slightly to get a better look at my pathetic figure. I inched back anxiously, overwhelmed by his intense stare slicing into my chest. It felt as if he could crash on top of me at any moment.

Finally settled, I frowned at him, completely unamused at his antics. He didn't get the hint, a sly grin sneaking onto his face as one of his hands started at me. My eyes widened and I attempted to scoot even further back, but before I could even move a foot away, his fingers found my hips and locked me between his pointer finger and his thumb. I sucked in a sharp breath, squirming uncomfortably between his hand.

“Now, just give me a second, I just need to get my phone out of my pocket and I don't want you slipping off. No need to get all squirmy with me.”

His grip tightened as he shifted over, reaching into his jean pocket and retracting a shiny, black phone. In just a few moments, he was back to being settled and I felt the fingers release me, instantly exhaling the breath I didn't realize I was holding.

Ashton immediately brought up it up to his face, smiling and typing away with urgency. What was he doing? I raised an eyebrow, watching suspiciously as he became engrossed in the phone, finally beginning to speak up.

“How could I have forgotten? I never got to tell Chad…”

I stiffened as a thousand terrified thoughts whirled through my brain. Another giant person? Just the thought of another Ashton make my skin crawl, and I could feel my stomach knot up tightly. But maybe this wasn't even about me. Maybe he just needed to tell this “Chad” person about like, homework or something.  Hopefully.

But I couldn't simply rest on that. Clearing my throat, I shifted uncomfortably on his thigh.

“Um, t-tell him what?”

Ashton's blue eye instantly flicked over to me and I gasped slightly, the intensity in his eyes giving me goosebumps.

“That I found you, of course.”

My face paled and I felt a lump build up in my throat as Ashton returned to his phone, typing away with a smile before hitting send and looking back down to me. His eyebrows furrowed slightly as his eyes met me, taking in my obvious discomfort, and he bright his hand back out to me, curling it behind me and gliding his index finger up and down my back.

I clenched my teeth, trying to resist the urge to run, knowing that if I tried he would just simply snatch me back up. I could feel the heat radiating off of his palm, crawling up the back of my neck.

“Hey, hey, don't you worry your little self. Chad’s cool. He's the only one who knows about me trying to sav- uh, I mean find you. He's not gonna hurt you. He wouldn’t even hurt a fly, like, actually.”

I ignored his stutter and froze, pausing for a second behind the reality dawned on me.

“Wait, am I going to meet him?

Ashton flashed me a bright smile, glancing from me back to his cellphone, which just began to vibrate with a new message. His eyes skimmed over the phone, his smile widening and looking back to me. I shrunk back, swallowing a quiver as his hand curled in further behind me, snaking its way up to my neck. A large fingernail delicately scratched my head endearingly and a shiver crawled up my spine.

“Looks like he’ll be here in an hour. So about, I don't know, 1:30. Sometimes he's early.”

He ruffled my air, disgruntling my bangs and softly running his thumb over my cheek. I squeezed my eye to keep from grimacing, wondering why in the world he liked touching me so damn much.

“He's gonna love you. He’s the only other guy I know that’s been so eager to find one of you guys..”

My face suddenly flushed and I snapped up at him, finally recoiling at his touch.

“We’re not some pets, you know. We’re the normal ones. You guys are the…are the…”

My voice trailed off from anger into confusion. What exactly were they?

Ashton raised his eyebrows, smirking as he teased me.

“‘Are the…are the…’ what?”

He grinned devilishly, his eyes darkening as he brought his finger back to my neck, skimming the base of my skull. His thumb fell in front of me, holding me still so I couldn't squirm away from his touch. I closed my eyes and grimaced, waiting for him to continue. His voice hushed just above a whisper.

“ The monsters?”

What disturbed me the most was that during this whole thing, he just kept smiling. Most people would be concerned, if not offended by being referred to as a monster. But him, he just seemed to be amused by it.

Two fingers suddenly seized me by the waist and I gasped, being whisked off into the air and dangled in front of his smirking face. I kicked and struggled uselessly, trying to show him my blatant discomfort, but he wasn’t having any of it.

“To be fair, I don't know which came first. The chicken or the egg, your world or my world. But we’ve always known about you guys. It was just a matter of getting there. And you little guys…”

He let out a breathy laugh, washing me in warm air, and my eyes narrowed.

“You guys are completely oblivious to us. But the human world was written into our textbooks, history books from thousands of years ago that you guys must have abandoned. And I don't blame you. Big, scary giants, breathing the same air as you wouldn't exactly be the best bedtime story to tell your kids.”

His tone was laced in playfully mockery, obviously not thinking much of the complete terror people back home would feel if they knew about this place.

Except Kyle, maybe. I could imagine Kyle scared out of his wits, at first. I mean, who wouldn't be? But after that, he'd fight tooth and nail, no fear at all. He was so talkative and spontaneous, he’d probably be released by any one of these giant people that found him.
Or squished.

I cringed.

I simply nodded  up at him, not really knowing what to say next. What could I? It's not like I could change whatever he thought of me. And I still couldn’t quite figure it out…How did he think of me?

But it didn’t matter. I'd either escape, or be here long enough to prove him that I wasn’t some pet.

He chuckled a little and I looked back up at him, clutching the ends of my sweater sleeves.

“But now, you guys, humans, are like, magical to us here. A lot of us didn't believe any of you existed anymore. Humans were written into children's books too, so whenever we’d talk about you all in school, no one really payed that much attention. Just a bunch of human-tales.”

“You mean Faerie tales?” I asked abruptly, raising my eyebrows at him.

Ashton wrinkled his nose in confusion, blinking at me blankly. He exhaled, washing me in warm air for a moment.

“What's a fai-ree?”


It was weird to think that in this mysterious place, humans were considered even non existent. To me, I saw them every day. They were the only people I knew.

It suddenly felt as if my whole world was being turned upside down, everything I've ever known twisted and contorted from a new perspective.
I never truly realized how small my world was. It was the only thing I knew. How many more dimensions and worlds were there?

A giant finger suddenly poked me in my size and my eyes widened, staring back into Ashton’s enormous blue eyes. He smiled and I watched them crinkle up in the corners, like a little old lady's does.

“There you go again, off in your own little world.”

I glanced at him blankly, no words left in me. This  giant place was tiring me. It had only been a day and I was already more exhausted than I have ever been in my life.

He sat there for a couple moments, waiting to see if I would say anything, and when I didn't he exhaled noisily, washing me in his lavender and honey smell. It twisted my stomach.

“Well, why don't I give you a little tour of the place before Chad gets here? You might as well get to know the place.”

I nodded a little without thinking, feeling rather numb to this whole situation at the moment. Ashton paused for a moment, suspicious to my silence and I swallowed, looking down at his grey sweater, but soon rose back to his feet, leaving his phone on a side table next to the sofa.

“Ah, alrighty then. It's really not very big. Well, maybe big to you.” He began, beginning to take rumbling steps out of the living room. I felt myself being raised once again, and I yelped as he quickly dumped me into his other hand, rolling me around in his palm for a second and chuckling.


We walked past the kitchen, where there were two rooms connected to the left, and into another corridor of the house past the living room. A wall connected the three rooms, the hallway to the left leading immediatley to the kitchen, and the hallway to the right still unbeknown to me. As if reading my thoughts, he walked into the right hallway and I held my breath, gripping his fingertips for support. I could feel them twitch slightly under my touch.

Ashton flicked on a light and the hallway erupted in an orange hue, the citric colored wall enveloping the passage in a warm, amber atmosphere. Numerous sketches and paintings lined the walls, framed up and down the cement, but I wasn't able to get a good look at them.
His steps thundered on until we reached another room, this one painted a sweet lime green. Immediately it reminded me of the sunroom I had at home, the one I had ventured out of right before I left home yesterday. There were large windows  lined up against nearly every wall, strung back by purple curtains. An old TV was positioned on one side of the room, stacks of video games parked out around it. Another shelf lay next to it, filled to the brim with what looked like movies. In the middle of the room was an old, brown sofa. It reeked on strong cologne and sweat, mixed up with traces of paint.

“Here's my favorite room. My dad hardly ever comes in here, so mostly this is where I hang with Chad or Jess.”

He said “Jess” as if I'd know who that was, but I didn't bother asking.

“I also do most of my painting in here, as you can see.”

Actually, I didn't see until he mentioned it. I followed his gaze to the far end of the room, next to another large, black door. The corner was splattered with color, newspapers layered out sloppily on the ground. More loose sketches were strung up on the walls, and empty canvases lay on the ground next to paint pallets. In the middle of the corner was one single large canvas hanging, splashed with color and still a work in progress. It lay right next to that myserious door in the middle of the wall. I looked back to him.

“What's that door for?”

Ashton blinked down at me before gritting his teeth and running his hands through his curls, looking back down at his hand.

“Oh, that's just my dad’s old study, you know, the one with all the machinery he made…”

He smiled a little bitterly, and my curiosity peaked.

“He hasn't gone in there in years. So I guess it's a nice set up. Since I'm usually here I could hear if the motion detectors went off.”

I nodded and looked down, twiddling my thumbs. A huge part of me was itching to see exactly what was behind those doors, to see my home through the machines. But I had to resist. There could be more of those watches in there… I suddenly realized, glancing back at the door. Maybe I could sneak in there at some point…

No. I had to keep still for now. Don't let him onto you or he might never let you come in here again.

I forcibly turned my gaze to the giant windows next to the door, examining the outdoors. I was beginning to grow a little sick of giant furniture, at least nature was fairly familiar.
Ashton noticed this silently and began to walk towards it, flattening his hand down and pressing the edge of it against the glass, so I could lean against it if I wanted to. I heard him exhale softly behind me, fogging up the glass.

I padded forward slowly, testing out my balance before pressing my hands against the cold glass. Moisture instantly seeped through onto my palm.

“This is just my backyard. We live basically in the middle of nowhere, which is nice sometimes. Lots of forest too, so it's quiet. It also means you won't be able to run away from me very easily.”

I could feel his teasing grin lace the end of his sentence and I scowled, ignoring him and instead leaning against the window. My eyes widened.

Everything here really was so big. The first thing I saw was white. Crisp white snow covered the grass in a thick, fluffy layer, decorating the mass of trees a few yards away.

So I was right, it was winter here.

I continued to examine the backyard, shuddering at the thought of how big those trees actually were. I could barely even see the tops of them.
A large cube lay on the side of the yard, surrounded by a small, stone porch, from what I could tell.

Was that a hot tub?

I don't know why that was so weird to me. It's not like giant people wouldn't have come up with hot tubs, especially considering the vast technology they already seemed to have.

I pressed my nose against the glass, taking in everything at once. My eyes softened, dancing over the winter laced woods, the same as mine would look back home at Christmas. It was almost soothing. All the peaceful, glistening snow, the dense tress that looked so much like mine at home, the cool stone pathway, and the…the…-

My stomach plummeted to my knees.

…The giant hazel eye, suddenly filling up my entire vision
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 11
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Ashton thundered out of the room, stomping down the hallway away from the bathroom I’d had the misfortune of being in earlier, and past a couple other closed white doors. I immediately tensed up. What if his father was in one of those rooms? My stomach turned at the thought of having to meet another freaking giant person. And if he was anything like Ashton…

Well…screw me

Again, doing that creepy mind-reading thing he loved to do, Ashton's deep voice suddenly spoke up, rumbling around me.

“You don't have to worry, by the way. My dad’s not here today, he's out on a…uh, business trip until tonight. Which comes in handy anyways, cuz I have school tomorrow.”

That did little to nothing to console me. His father would be home. Tonight. did that mean I had to see him?

Ashton's steps slowed to a halt, stopping in what appeared to be a kitchen, giant windows outlining a marble kitchen built against sunshine yellow walls. An island lay in the middle of it with high, light burgundy chairs. There wasn’t a dining room table that I could see, the entirety of that kitchen surrounding the island with its bright sunflower petal walls. I remembered, in the back of my mind, Ashton mentioning that his favorite color was yellow.

With a huff, I was plopped onto the marble counter, level height with Ashton's hips so that now I could see the vast majority of him. My throat instantly tightened as his shadow swallowed me, squirming away from the counter to put as much distance as I could between us. He was dressed in jeans, again, probably the same ones as yesterday that hugged his thighs a little, and across his torso was a dusty grey sweater with one pocket at the breast. Something in my chest knotted.

Ashton looked like someone I would like back at home. Maybe even be attracted too. That is, if he was normal sized... And, you know, not a kidnapper.

Ashton suddenly ducked down to face me and I jolted back, alarmed by the sudden giant face. His voice hushed, making a slightly audible “shhh” consoling noise as he looked at me with seriousness, something I wasn't used to seeing on his face. His blue eyes pierced directly into mine, lips slightly parting and I began to feel lightheaded.

“When my dad gets home, you need to stay hidden. I'll keep you safe from him, don't worry. It's not like he'd do anything to you.”

He paused, biting his lip.

“It's just that it might be traumatic for him. He swore he'd never see a human again. I, however…”

His serious expression morphed into a smirk on his lips that twisted my gut.

“…Made no such promise.”

I bit my cheek and looked down, pulling the ends of my sleeves over my fingertips. I wished he had…

He rose back up, putting me at that oh-so wonderful and mildly terrifying angle again, and he padded over to a pantry at the end of the kitchen, putting me at a very safe distance from him. In fact, from this angle I could, for the first time, see him all the way from his socked feet to the mess of curls, almost looking normal. I cherished the moment.

He reached into the pantry and yanked out a giant red box, bright animated patters decorated onto the sides. I watched carefully then as he turned around to another cabinet, retrieving a bowl and then something else I couldn't quite see, pinched between his fingertips. His sweater stretched over his waist as he leaned up, exposing a slight layer of skin. I bit my lip.
Tightening his jaw, Ashton placed the objects on the counter, keeping the pinched object cupped in his hand as he reached into the fridge and yanked out a tub of smooth brown liquid. Chocolate milk, I assumed.

Imagine the cows that that came out of.

It was almost fascinating, watching all of his giant movements grind and glide through the kitchen, the veins of his forearm pulsing through his skin as he held the gallon, his hips turning and stretching as he reached in the cupboards, the intricate, yet overwhelmingly pronounced facial features edged out behind waves of brown curls, and the spark in his eye that made him seem less than a monster and more like a man.

It was like watching one of those 4D interactive movies, where you can feel everything buzzing and shaking around you with alarming spontaneity, all the enormous movements left completely out of your hands. Ashton was the film, too huge to be real, too surreal to be a figment of my imagination. Every step was like the booming bass you feel in your chest at the front seat of a concert.  Sometimes it felt as though I could hear his skin twitching and his own blood flowing, as I was merely the size of a finger. It was something I may have been completely fascinated and only mildly terrified with, if my situation had been any different.

I hadn't realized I had been gawking until I saw Ashton's eyes find mine and then narrow, that wide smirk of his stretching across his face as he gathered up to objects of the counter and advanced towards me. The ground rumbled under his footsteps.

“Like something you see?” He raised an eyebrow at me, something he seemed to do quite a lot, and something made me feel as if I would crumble every single time he did for reasons I couldn’t put my finger on.

I stumbled back a little but on the counter as he approached, body stretching taller and taller with every second.

“What? N-no I was just-”

Ashton chuckled, reaching down onto the counter to ruffle the top of my hair before I could get away in time.

“It's okay, it's okay. I get it. I'm a sexy beast. I couldn't expect a mere mortal like you to resist.”

He ended his statement with a ridiculous smolder, waggling his eyebrows at me with a dark glint in his eye.
Internally I rolled my eyes, huffing and plopping down onto the counter into a criss cross position as he placed a bowl on the counter in front of me, easily the size of a large hot tub. It was ceramic and painted a chipped white blue, light pink the same color of my sweater swirled into the acrylic paint like marble. It trailed up lighter and lighter to the top of the bowl, fading into a light yellow like the sky just before it falls. Even though it was just a bowl, it was beautiful.

Just before I could wonder who had painted it, Ashton spoke up, watching me with curious eyes as I examined the piece.

“You like it?” He let out a breathy laugh and I averted my wide eyed gaze from the bowl up to Ashton.

“I painted that one years ago. Hence its stunning condition.” He grinned sarcastically, trailing a large finger over the chips and bits of faded paint. I looked up at him softly, and he continued, playfulness dancing in his eyes like stars.

“I've painted practically all the bowls and plates we have here. Mostly because I run out of paper and I'm too lazy to drive to get some more. Don't worry though, I've baked it. It's sanitary. You won't die of any diseases if you licked it.”

I ignored him for the most part as I always tried to do, still entranced with the designs of the bowl. It was hard for me to think that somebody who could, well, basically kidnap a person could also create such beautiful things. It was unfair to all the other lovely things out there.

Ashton cleared his throat, leaning closer in towards the counter until his hips were pressed against the edge. I eyed him coyly, heart fluttering and watching his hands with extreme caution to make sure none of them came darting my way. They didn't.
Not for now.

“If you like that one, wait till you see this little thing.”

He opened his palm where the small hidden object he had retrieved from the cabinet was still placed, reaching out his other hand to pluck the seemingly marble sized object out of the crease of his palm. With excruciating slowness, he lowered his pinched hand onto the counter and I instantly scooted back just to be safe. He noticed and looked up, grinning at me amusedly.

“Don't worry, it's not you I'm after quite yet.” He chuckled lightly to himself as he let the tiny object clink against the counter.

‘Yet’. Great.

I waited cautiously until he withdrew his hand, watching as it returned safely to Ashton's side and then averted my gaze to whatever he had placed in front of me.

My eyes widened.

Another bowl, but this one was different. This one was my size. But that wasn't what surprised me. What really sunk into my bones, filling my chest with confusing wonder was the identical creamy blue and pink swirls on the bowl, practically the same as the larger.

“H-how…?” I muttered to myself incredulously, picking it up from the marble with careful hands and turning it around in my hands. How could Ashton paint something so…so small? It was amazing, almost as if I could find it at a chic, hipster pottery shop at home.

Ashton grinned wider at me, eyes sparkling and dimples sunk deep into his cheeks. He moved the giant sized bowl back towards the edge of the counter, picking up the large red box and noisily pouring its contents.  

“You like it?”

“It's…it's amazing.” I breathed, still in wonder at the spectacle and the talent it must have taken to paint something so articulate. Wait.

No, don't compliment him. He's bad. Bad giant. He kidnapped you, remember?

I cleared my throat, furrowing my eyebrows and placing the bowl back on the counter. Forcing a frown onto my face, I looked up at him grimly.

“Well, I mean, I guess it's fine.” I stated nonchalantly, beginning to fume as his smile only widened, obviously caught on to what I was doing. Damn him.

Ashton rolled his eyes, grinning ear to ear and obviously quite pleased with himself. I watched him angrily as he looked from my bowl to his giant one, racking his brain before picking two pieces of what seemed like cereal and carefully dropping them into mine. Both of them were the size of a dictionary, one creamy white and glazed over with sugar, and the other bright blue and pink similar to the bowl. What the-?

“Are these Lucky Charms?” I asked, my face distorted. In such a foreign world, I expected some odd and incredulous practically inedible food, not some classic American shit cereal. Not that I was really complaining. His eyebrows furrowed and he glanced at the box, reading the title as if he didn't know the name of his own damn cereal.

“Uh, yeah, I guess. I just pulled this out of the ‘human food’ cabinet. Apparently that other chick used to like these, so he designed them here the same they would've been at home. Just, well, our sized. Like I said, he's really smart. I've never actually tried it.” He stated, wrinkling his nose as he brought the familiar cereal up to his face.

Wow, Ashton's dad really did accommodate to whoever she was… I thought, picking up a large chunk of marshmallow. I couldn't believe he had actually managed to replicate something from home. I bit my cheek, unconsciously wondering what else he could steal from us.

Averting my focus, I shifted my attention to the larger than life cereal.
"Themostimportantmealoftheday..." I grumbled to myself ironically, taking a cautious bite out of the giant blue and pink sweet. It was fairly difficult to get my mouth around the giant chunk, stretching my jaw as far is it would go and still struggling to get the width in my mouth. I could feel Ashton starting at me, that amused smile smeared onto his face as he watched me attempt to eat cereal.

Awwwww…” Ashton began teasingly, only grinning wider as I looked up at him, cereal still lodged haphazardly in my jaw.

“Sometimes I forget how tiny you really are. It’s adorable.”

My heart thrummed in my chest and my face reddened, more so embarrassed that I couldn’t eat a freaking piece of cereal without being called out than his backhand compliment.

An idea suddenly sprang into my mind and I drew the cereal chunk from my face, looking to the counter briefly before violently smashing it onto the surface.  Ashton's jaw dropped in aghast amusement, letting out a breathy laugh at my now joyfully destroyed marshmallow. It had crumbled into several now bite size pieces on the counter. Proud of myself, I plucked up a swirl of cotton candy colors and took a bite into it, the cereal piece practically the size of an apple. As the sweet sugar taste sprinkled over my tongue, a sharp pang rang in my ribs.

If I closed my eyes and pretended like I wasn't here, like I was just outside in the deck, laying on the ground and munching cereal under the sticky sugar summer air, I could be at home. It tasted the same as it did in my own kitchen.

Suddenly I wasn't very hungry.

I put down the piece, placing it on my loose jeans as I gathered up the other shattered chunks, dropping them into the small bowl and pushing it away with a bitter taste in my mouth. I kept the chunk on my lap, lightly nibbling at its edges.

Ashton looked down at me, mouth now full of cereal and a marvelous look in his eye.

“Awe mah gawd, Wose.” He spoke to me, muffled my mouthfuls of cereal. I looked up at him with a frown.

“Dis stwuff is amawzing…hey?” Ashton's eyes looked at me closely as he chugged the cereal down with a glass of chocolate milk, enough to fill a large bathtub. I stiffened, watching him as he noticed my ignored cereal and swallowed his own.

“Why aren't you eating all you're cereal? Not a fan favorite?”

“I'm just not all that hungry…” I muttered quietly, suddenly remembering the past day’s events again, surprised that I and even managed to stop thinking about home for one second.

I glanced up at Ashton's giant looming doubtful figure and felt re-overwhelmed with fear, remembering that yes, despite his whole persona of being a normal, 18 year old high school student, he was still trapping me here. Against my own will.

He dropped his bowl onto the counter and I flinched, scooting away further from the edge on the counter and glaring at him carefully through bangs, abandoning my chunk of marshmallow. Despite everything, his seemingly calmed down persona ever since the bathroom incident, his failed attempts to assure me that I was safe, no part of me wanted to be here, and he knew it.

To my horror he began to stretch out a hand towards me, eyebrows still scrunched, and I instantly shot up to my feet, ready to make a useless but hopeful break for it. He noticed.

Oh come on, don't keep being like that.”

In a flash, Ashton’s  hand darted out at me and fingers curled in around me, locking me into a tight fist before I could even think about running. I groaned stubbornly and squirmed as he began to lift me up, a confused smile on his face.

“When are you ever gonna stop being scared of me? I tried to tell you earlier I wasn’t gonna hurt you. Am I really all that intimidating?”

His lips curled into a smirk as he brought my struggling figure, his irises dancing over me in amusement.

Yes, yes he really was that intimidating. How could he possibly think this was funny?

I flashed a glare up at him, green eyes flaming with a snarl. His eyebrow rose in amusement.

“Well, oh I don't know, why don't you try getting kidnapped and man-handled by someone 100 times your size?”

He looked away in faux thoughtfulness, scratching his scruff dramatically and I felt my anger steam off of my skin. This insolent, obtrusive, immature-

“Well, I think I'd be grateful. To be whisked off of some lame-o world with its teeny little people to instead be in the presence of some everyday, absolutely hilarious and much more attractive person in a much safer place.”

Ashton looked away again and sighed dreamily, purposely pushing every single one of my buttons to the point where they'd practically shatter.

There was that word again. Safe. But, why-?

“Sounds like fun to me. You're luckier than you think...”

You've got to be joking. Lucky? Safe? How in the world was I either one of those things?

He looked down at me again with a soft smile that confused me, his voice trailing off at the end and his brown curls falling lazily in front of his eyes. I slumped over in his fist, exhaling and deciding to leave the whole issue alone. He just must not really get it. He didn't get that I was a person, and that I couldn't possibly be safer here.

...Could I?

Ashton suddenly lightly shook around his fist, jolting me out of my world of confusion and hopelessness. He began to bring me closer to his face, and I sucked in a short breath, wincing as I tried to look up at him clearly. I had to shut one eye so my vision didn't get too blurred.

“Hey hey hey, there you go again, escaping off to that little brain dreamland of yours. Stay with me, Rose.”

He flashed me a brilliant smile and I grumbled.

So now I didn't even have permission to use my own brain?

Surprise, surprise.
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 10
Rose is finally starting to get suspicious of Ashton's intentions on bringing her there. Was it really out of selfish curiosity, or is there something...deeperBunny Emoji-86 (Sneaky) [V5]  You shall all find out in due time eheheheehehehehehe

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A reality crashed on me like a two ton block of cement slammed into my stomach.

He’s…he's had another human before me. But wait, that didn't make sense. He said yesterday that the last time they had seen a human on earth was 16 years ago…and that would make him 2 years old. So…did his father find one of us?

I was wrapped up in my own thoughts, bound by the thought of another poor soul trapped here in this mysterious giant land. And if she was here before…

…Where was she now?

I suddenly felt pressure nudge my stomach and I gasped, a finger pushing into my torso and quickly retreating, the owners eyebrows furrowed.

“Hey, you awake in there? God, you space out a lot. I mean, I know how you feel though, whenever I'm in physics--“

“Is there another human living here?” I blurted out, unable to stop myself from my own probing curiosity.  Immediately I wished I had bit my tongue, but hope was burning away at my rib cage, engulfing the lump of dread that had been nailed into my chest. Maybe if there was another girl here, we’d be able to escape together. Come to think of it, she'd probably be a lot older than me, but that might even be for the better.

I looked at Ashton carefully, his eyes widening at first and smile slowly fading from his face, replaced with a sudden coldness, similar to what I had seen from him earlier in the bathroom when he had seen my bruises. All my hope slowly fizzed away, leaving nothing but ashes.

Oh god, what had happened to her?

Clenching his jaw, Ashton looked down and didn't say a single word. Time for attempt number two. I cleared my throat and took one cautious step towards him, as if approaching a wild animal. Whatever had happened to her, it couldn't be good.

“I-I just figured there might be, because of all the human things you guys seem to have here. Like the toilet, uh, thing, and the clothes…”

I glanced up at him urgently, edging him on to say something, but nothing came. Come on, the fact that I was even voluntarily talking to him should let him know this is actually kinda important. He knows how much I hate talking to him.

Just as I was about to give up, I heard his mouth open, his glassy eyes meeting mine again. The pain coursing through them made me lose my breath for a moment.

“No. Not anymore.” He stated abruptly, as if that was the end to this conversation entirely. A sharp pang rang fiercely through my chest. She really was gone…
I wanted with everything in me to ask what had happened, who it was, where she had gone, and why it was so painful for him to think about, but the idea of pushing him any further made me worry for my own safety. I hadn’t ever seen him so bothered by something, and I really didn’t want him to go back on his word on the whole “I won’t ever hurt you” thing. I stubbornly swallowed the questions for another time.

Silence took the place of my words, suffocating the air around us.

For the first time, I actually wanted him to say something, to quench the once again stuffy quiet drenching the air. Nothing. Another question bubbled up in my chest then, one that I'm surprised I hadn’t thought of sooner. I bit my lip. I shouldn’t…I’m already pushing it.

I had to ask.

“Um, well change of subject, h-how did you know to find me, back there in the field yesterday? It's like you knew I was coming…like you had been waiting…”

My voice trailed off in a shaken whisper, dreadfully recalling the last days events, my kidnapping. Soon, if be able to forget allll about this. This horrible, giant place. It'd be just like a bad dream.

Ashton's eyes met mine again then, the coldness wiped away by inner turmoil, as if trying to decide whether or not he wanted to tell me. He released his elbow from the table, leaning back against the chair and crossing his arms, still towering over me. My pulse immediately quickened. His damp skin stretched over his chest, drops of water sliding down the surface. The wooden chair groaned against the weight.

“Ah, what the hell. It's not like you'll be getting back to spill about this anytime soon.”

He smirked devilishly and I slumped over, refusing to let his comment get to me. When he saw that I wasn't going to put up a fight, he raised his eyebrows and continued, becoming more and more like his old self with every word.

“I'm not really sure of exactly everything that happened, my dad’s pretty secretive about it.”

He laughed lightly, a tiny bit singed with bitterness as he continued.

“But I mean it's basically it all starts with a lab my dad made, like a bunch of machines and cameras. He's got a whole room full of this shit. They're set up all over the place, one including that field you were in yesterday. He's set up motion detectors for miles, so we know when one of you steps there. You see, my dad used to work in this company, designed and dedicated to creating that crap, you know, to find you humans and stuff. Nobody else knows about it yet. Just that company, my dad, and me. Oh, and one of my friends. You follow so far?”

I furrowed my eyebrows, grabbing the ends of the sleeves of my sweater and I nodded, felling more disturbed than ever. These giants, whatever they were, they discovered our world, like we were some aliens to be manhandled or anything for that matter. The idea of technology that advanced completely boggled my mind.

Suddenly, the feeling that I’d had when I crossed the fence finally made sense. The motion detectors.

He knew I was there the moment I stepped foot over that god damn fence.

I was damned from the start.

I really should’ve listened to my dad about that fence.

Ashton looked down at my nod, and my mind faced back to what he was saying, eager for more information. He smiled a little and continued.

“So apparently my dad, he was like the first one to actually find a human, back when everything in his lab was in that office. I don’t know how he did it without getting caught…you know, being that huge in a little world like yours…”

He trailed off for a second, looking down with his eyebrows scrunched up in thought, biting his cheek before looking back up at me.

“I don’t know, I guess he must have just been careful. He’s smart like that.”

He didn't quite look like he believe the words he was saying, and it put an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Ashton blinked down at the desk before his questioning expression settled, looking as if he’d convinced himself enough. That was a good question, actually. If there had been a giant person like him, close enough to spot one of us, how did nobody see? Wouldn’t I have heard that on the news or something…?

Ashton suddenly spoke up, jolting me out of my thoughts.

Anyways, he was the first one to travel to a different dimension. It was scary. He made company headlines and shit. But anyway, that's when he found her.

His voice faded off at the end, softening and laced with a twinge of sadness. It pried dangerously at my curiosity.

“Somehow she ended up here, I don't know it was voluntary or not. I was only 2 at the time, so I don't remember much of it. Apparently it was for scientific research though. You know, to learn about your species and all that. All I know is that as he got to examine and know her more and more…”

He looked down and my eyes narrowed, absolutely absorbed in every word he was telling me and watching as something practically unnoticeable, flashed across his features briefly. I would have missed it if I blinked.

“…Apparently he fell in love with her.”

My heart skipped a beat, thrumming in my chest at the statement. One of these giant people…falling in love with someone like me? The very thought racked in my brain, flooding me with feelings and thoughts I couldn't quite describe. My voice hushed.

“Then what happened?” I breathed.

Ashton took a deep breath, laughing slightly bitterly.

“It never would've worked out. She was a human, and the poor thing was terrified, always crying about how she had children to take care of, and a husband to get back to. My father never listened. But what he did do for her was quit that shitty job he had. He never told them he had kept her. He lied and said she had run away, and they were furious. All they wanted to do was get their greedy hands all over her.”

Children, huh. I can't imagine being stolen away from my family like that while having children. Them having to live their whole life without a mother. I knew best how that felt.


16 years ago.
Discovered and stolen.
Never came back.

Could it have been…?

No way, Rose. I thought to myself bitterly.

Your mom had nothing to do with any of this. The likely hood of that was practically unbelievable. You don’t even know if his dad found her in the same place you were taken.

But I just had to ask.

“D-do you possibly remember her name?” I asked quizzically, scooting closer towards him with interest.

Ashton furrowed his eyebrows again, letting my question sink in.

“Nah, my dad never talks about her anymore. I wouldn't even dare bringing it up to him. He’d beat my ass.”

My heart sunk as I let his last remark sink in, but I wanted to slap myself silly. I couldn’t go convincing myself that somehow this mysterious human was my own mother. She was gone, for god’s sake. I never even knew her. Nobody could hide something this big from me. Quite literally.

“Why'd you ask?” Ashton asked, his eyes curious.

“Oh…no reason. Just curious.” I muttered sourly, diverting my attention back to the other part of Ashton's story.

He nodded, not thinking much of my question to my relief, then continuing.

“Now, where was I again?”

“Uh, falling in love, the company, greedy hands-”

“Oh oh that's right, those fuckers. Anyways, after he quit working for them, he took all the equipment he had designed, plus some others, and brought them to his own lab so no one else could venture into human territory. He didn’t want to risk them…invading the human world, capturing all the humans…"

He suddenly looked disturbed, troubled thoughts seeming to whirl through his mind before refocusing back to the story. My heart thumped wildly in my chest.

"...After all, he made the machines, they couldn't stop him from taking what was rightfully his.”

Then why did he take me?

Ignoring my probing thoughts, I nodded, gesturing for him to continue and secretly wondering what this mysterious lab that sealed my fate looked like.

“And ever since she left, he hasn't touched the place, and there's nothing else I know ‘bout the story. I'm sure there's more to it he hasn't told me, but it's whatever. He locked the door and tight and threw away the key. Luckily…”

Ashton grinned and reached behind me, yanking off a key handing from the wall I hadn't noticed before. It dangled from a navy blue lanyard.
“…I'm good with keys.” He smirked down at me devilishlyand I forced a breathy, nervous laugh, wrapping my sweater more tightly around myself. So he's at access to this lab the whole time. He really was waiting for someone. And I just happened to be the lucky duck right in shooting range. But…why?

As if reading my thoughts, he spoke up.

“I've used it for years, ever since I was a twelve. My dad has no idea. For a while, every single access point was useless, no one even ventured close. I had just been starting to give up. Until one day, until yesterday…”

Ashton reached a hand out towards me and I yelped, trying to squirm away before the fingers managed to wrap themselves around me, but of course I found myself hoisted up into the air, dangling in front of his face in a loose fist. Hie striking blue eyes traveled over me, looking almost relieved for reasons I couldn't put my finger on. It instantly made me lose my breath, how close, and how huge he was. He took up very part of my vision. He brought his thumb out towards my cheek and began gently stroking the damp locks, making me swallow a wince.

“…An alarm went off. I could hardly believe my ears.” His voice suddenly quieted, and I could see the events play through the irises of his eyes, the disbelief swirled with excitement all dwelling in pools of blue. Warm air wafted over my face, warming my already flushed cheeks.

“There you were. A little black spot on the screen. The first we had seen in years. And now, here you are.”

Ashton smiled and pulled me in closer, so close that if I simply reached out, I could nearly touch the bridge of his nose. He looked at me like the amazing spectacle I seemed to be.

“Here I am.” I mumbled weakly, looking down and the digit around my waist. His intense stare tightened the iron knot in my chest, and I looked down, unable to handle the perplexity in his eyes. He still didn't get it. That I didn't belong here, me or that mysterious woman.

And part of me was terrified of what had happened to her, and that the same fate was set out for me.

“B-but don't worry, by the way!” Ashton suddenly exclaimed, making me flinch. What was he talking about now?

“No one else can find your world. J-just my dad and I. No one else.”

Well, that was awfully suspicious. I looked down to my hands, twiddling my thumbs. I hadn't even really been thinking about anyone finding the rest of us until…he brought it up. It was almost as if he was trying to convince himself, rather than me…

There was something he wasn't telling me. I could feel it.

I didn't doubt his story about the other mysterious human girl, that seemed convincing enough. But why… why was he so determined to get his hands on a human? I could understand a curiosity for some new, undiscovered world, but his resilience, his absolute determination to keep me, to convince me that I was safe here, that I was his… That was the troubling part.

I decided to leave the issue alone. I was too busy processing everything else he had just spewed onto me, and it was already giving me a light headache. Hopefully those questions would be answered eventually…

I sucked in a breath as I suddenly felt myself lowered back onto the desk, Ashton exhaling before standing up from the chair and walking towards a dresser at the end of his bed. His giant footsteps rattled nearby pencils beside me. He spoke up from behind the wood, pulling out drawers and sifting through their multicolored contents.

“Just give me a second here, Rose. This towel is tightening  around places that want no part of that nonsense.” My face flushed a little and I swallowed, standing up with sore knees and turning around from the strip tease. I heard a towel fall to the ground and I stiffened, trying to think of anything besides giant naked men. Ew.
Instead I occupied myself with the nearby blown up objects placed around the glass surface of the desk, desperate to get my pulsing mind off of all the info I had just absorbed.

Closest to me was a giant glass jar, similar to the one I escaped last night, but this one was filled with pencils double my height. I had to crane my neck upwards to see the top. Strung across the walls behind the jar of pencils and scattered on the ends of the desks were more sketches like the ones I had seen before in his room. I squinted my eyes at the closest one I could find: trees and wild flowers, swirled in watercolors and laced with greens, pinks, and yellows.

Did Ashton paint these?

I paused. He never really struck me as the artistic type. Weren’t art nerds supposed to be quiet and reserved, and oh, I don't know, not kidnappers? I shrugged, glancing away from the lovely painting and back towards the desk.

Across from the pencils was a massive laptop, practically the size of the length of a small room. Bending down, I ran my hand over the cool, smooth silver surface, shivering at its monstrosity. Everything here seemed to be so much bigger than me. I really did mean basically nothing in this world. It was a feeling I couldn't describe, feeling completely out of control and at the utter will of someone else. Those giant hands haunted me, the ghosts of basketball side fingertips gripping my middle whenever I went.

I never thought I would crave seeing a me-sized pencil so much.

Giant fingers suddenly darted out from behind me, swiftly sweeping me off my feet and tumbling me into the crease of a giant palm before I could even scream. The pressure of the air pushed down on me as Ashton plucked me up into the air like a doll, bringing me back up to his smiling face. I tried my best not to cower away, pulse already racing wildly at his closeness, and wishing I could punch that smug ass expression right off of him.

“Now, now, don't look so happy to see me.” He grinned wolfishly, cocking an eyebrow at my faltered expression. Waiting for me to say something, he shook loose, brown curls from his forehead before sighing and continuing.

“Okay Sunshine, how about some breakfast, yeah? More like lunch at this point, but I mean food is food.”

At the mention of food, a pang in my stomach suddenly erupted, something I hadn't noticed before. I couldn't deny the fact that I was hungry, but I didn't really want to say anything. Slowly, I nodded in agreement, wrapping my arms around me tightly. At this, his grin widened, and to my horror the palm came closing in on me, trapping me in a tight fist that he brought down to his side before booming down the hallway.

Dammit, didn't he know how to carry seemingly doll-sized people with any respect?
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 9
Another long ass chapter iM SORRY OKAY

SooOoOooOoO much stuff covered in this chapter, buuuuuut *evil laughter* there is still much, much more that is still a mystery. All in good time, i swear~

if any of you have a theories, please tell!! I wont give away any spoilers because you all shall suffer but I'd LOVE to hear 'em!!

Comments or questions or BOTH are always welcome and very encouraged~<3 ;w;
Filled with disturbance, I turned away from the mirror, from that bruised, beat up girl that wasn't me, and instead towards the sink. Suddenly, no part of me felt comfortable taking off all my clothes with my own captor in the same room.  Underwear could dry fast enough, and it might actually be beneficial to get them clean while I'm at it. Who knew how long it'd be till I'd have another pair…

Dipping one foot in the water, I heard quiet, rhythmic humming coming from the shower, vibrating deep in my chest. I ignored it and sighed as the warm water melted off the ache and pain, and instantly plopped down onto the counter, both my legs now completely immersed in the bubbles. With a deep breath, I dipped myself in the hot soapy goodness, smiling as the water washed over my face and through my hair. Taking another deep breath, I flipped myself completely under the water, opening my eyes to the light blue water swirling in bubbles and wincing slightly at the sting. Memories of summer weather, diving into pools and swimming like a mermaid underneath the water with my sister from when I was ten. Cartwheels and flips in the deep end, Kyle bellyflopping into the pool and writhing in his own ridiculous pain, and feeling special because I could open my eyes under the water with ease...

I swam underneath the water, leaning against the smooth white edge of the sink and running my hands through my hair, watching satisfied as bits of dirt and grease slid off. If I focused enough, I could pretend like I was simply back home, swimming in the deep end of a pool during summer vacation. A very soapy pool.

Kicking my legs, I swam back up to the surface, flooded with relief as cool air filled my lungs once again. The top layer of the water was completely masked in bubbles, not able to see below the water through the masses of white. I scrubbed my face with my hands, cleaning the sweat and tears and everything that had happened in the last day clear from my skin. It was almost orgasmic.

One last time, I dove under the water, enjoying the felling of weightlessness and warm cleanliness, wiping the last bit of grim from my skin and hair. As I surfaced again, I heard a knob turn and I froze, stomach knotting. The shower stopped.

Instantly, I looked around the counter for a towel.  Dread slowly began to suffocate my gut.   Shit, how could I have forgotten to ask for a towel? I didn't want him to see me practically naked!

The shower curtain swung partly open and I stiffened, watching as an arm reached out from the curtain for a red towel, and snatched it up behind the curtain, taking a moment or two before a very damp Ashton appeared, towel wrapped around his waist. I swallowed, watching as he ran his fingers through his wet hair, curls falling behind his ears sloppily as he stepped out of the tub. Then he looked at me.
My breath caught in my throat as he smirked, beginning to take booming steps towards me. Before I knew it, his enormous, looming figure filled my vision, leaning over the sink, his bare chest glistening with droplets of water. The intense honey and lavender scent consumed me.

“Don't you look all squeaky clean? I can barely see you around all those bubbles.”

He chuckled, watching with amusement as I sputtered, too intimidated to move or say anything. He was just…so…huge.

When he realized I wasn't going to say anything, he reached out a hand over the sink, and my eyes widened, horror twisting my stomach.

“Alright, well if you're done let’s get you all dried off.”

The hand began to lower and I gasped in terror.

Was he really about to snatch me out of the water? I could be naked! I practically was! Nonononono-

“N-No!” I yelped, diving back into the water and swimming as fast as my legs could kick. I soon found myself at the bottom of the sink, pressing my back against the cool surface as I watched the surface in gut wrenching anticipation. What was he thinking? Did he really think I would let him just grab me out of the bath with his grimy hands and dry me off like some kind of plaything?

I heard a dull splash and my face drained of color, a hand diving slowly into the surface of the water, disturbing the crisp layers of bubbles. Its fingers wiggled and stretched, searching widely for me. Shit.

I pressed myself back as far as I could against the porcelain, squirming away as the hand lowered and lowered, till it was only mere inches away. Panicked, I darted away, pushing myself off against the sink and kicking for my life. I stiffened as my foot skimmed the edge of a fingertip.

Oh no.

The hand startled, flicking behind me as it quickly closed in, thumb pressing against my bare  stomach the other fingers closed in around me. I instantly struggled against the grip, all air leaving my lungs in a flood of bubbles as I was whipped out of the water immediately. Cold air hit me like a ton of bricks and I coughed and sputtered, the hands unwrapping around me and leaving me wet and heaving in the pad of Ashton's giant palm.

Curling up into a ball, I wrapped my arms around myself and shivered, pressing my cheek against the rough skin to avoid looking at him. The humiliation of being sprawled out soaking wet in nothing but my underwear was unbearable. How did he think this was okay? I felt myself being raised to his face and I curled myself up tighter, wanting to be doing anything else but being half naked completely at the will of a giant monster.

After several moments of him not saying anything, I glanced up at his face, my own reddening instantly as I saw him look down on me wide eyed, eyes trailing over my purple spotted trembling frame. His cheeks flushed slightly pink as his hand slightly curled around me tighter. I just have looked so pathetic then, turned away damp and half naked, covered in bruises quivering like some scared animal in the palm of his hand. But as I looked closer at Ashton’s face, that's not what I saw. His blue eyes were still skimming over me carefully, absorbing every small detail with scrutiny, from the pads of my feet to my face, now completely turned towards him over my shoulder. He was searching me like he had never seen me before, like he hadn't taken me yesterday and spent the entire last 24 hours terrifying me. The pink on his cheeks deepened.
Before I could dwell on that too much, he shifted and I squeaked, taken off guard as he reached into a drawer and pulled out a fluffy white hand cloth, the size of a large comforter to me. Then without warning, he lowered the towel onto me, pushing and dipping the edges against my trembling frame and I gasped, turning and squirming  away to try and escape his persistent touch.

“Shh, Rose, quit struggling. I'm just trying to dry you off.”

He walked us over to the toilet, settling down on the lid and leaning over me as he continued to press the towel against me, absorbing the water against my skin.

“I…I can do t-that myself!” I yelped up at him in between presses, fighting for air. Ashton paused for a moment, holding the towel above my frame. My chest heaved and my eyes pleaded with his, alarmed and slightly weirded out by his once again sudden calm demeanor. His eyebrows furrowed down at me.

“No. I need to take care of you. Just look at yourself.”

His eyes traveled over my bruises, looking back up from them to me. His voice quieted.

“I did that to you. I must have. I told you I wouldn't hurt you.”

My heart thrummed in my chest, taken back by his sudden remorse. I thought kidnappers weren't supposed to have feelings. It was odd, and put an uneasy feeling in my chest.

“I-it's not your fault.” I stuttered, barely believing the words that came out of my mouth. Basically, I was just willing to say anything if it meant he would stop looking at me like…that.

“I hurt myself because I fell last night. And yesterday. I'm clumsy, trust me.”

Ashton's blue eyes shot to mine, stunning me. I inched back further away from him.

“No, you wouldn't have gotten those if I hadn't scared you. Why else would you run? And look at you, you're still so afraid…”

Slight hurt sparked in his features for a quick second before dulling again, but I knew what i saw. He actually felt…badly for me.

How the hell could he feel badly for me? Of course it was his fault that I was hurt. Why did I even bother telling him otherwise? I wouldn't have fallen in the first place if he had just left me alone back there in the field yesterday. I'd still be home, safe and sound and a normal color. Anger bubbled up inside of my chest like a tidal wave, quickly replacing my previous semi-forgiveness.

“Of course I'm afraid!” I spat, all calmness and meekness from a second ago completely gone. A stunned expression overtook Ashton's face and he looked at me in alarm.

“I don't belong here! I'm human. You're a giant person, or who knows what. It's unnatural! I have a home and family and friends, I've told you that before. Why won't you listen?”
My voice choked up at the end, just barely squeezing out the last word over the river of tears that began streaming down my cheeks. So much for never crying in front of him.

I took deep, shaky breaths, rising up into a sitting position and wrapping my arms around my knees, looking up at him with ferocity. All he could do was simply look at me blankly, lip twitching at the end and eyes drowning in emotions I couldn't read. After a couple moments, he cleared his throat.

“I'm sorry that's the way you feel, but you've got to trust me. You're better off here. You're safe here. I'm gonna take care of you. I've got you, you're safe.”

More tears spilled down my face, my cheeks heated.

“No! I don't want you to take care of me. I'm 17, I can take care of myself just fine!  I'm not your pet, or whatever twisted way you think about me.”

Ashton's eyes pleaded with mine, pulling me in closer to his face. I shivered, feeling more exposed than ever with my lack of clothes and crying.

“Just let me, Rose. Let me have you. I don't know much about you humans, but I want to know. I want to know all about you. I've waited so long...”

His eyes searched for mine and I looked up at him, filled with hurt and wondering why in the world this had to happen to me. I didn't have to say anything, he knew my answer.

He sighed and his bare shoulders loosened, carefully cupping me in his hand as his eyes wandered to the floor, flashes of unreadable emotions flicking across his irises. I took a deep, shaky breath, still curled up on my side and watching him through wet bangs, wiping the remainder of my tears from my cheeks with my knuckle. I stiffened as he suddenly looked back down at me, glancing one last time over my bruises before bringing me up closer to his face, eventually so close that I could practically feel his lips grazing my skin. My stomach lodged itself in my throat and I quickly buried my face in his palm to avoid looking at the incoming face, eyes wide, my heart racing and my mind spinning in confusion.

I felt his thumb graze over my half buried cheek and I dug my fingernails into the leathery surface of his hand and clenched my teeth shut, the seconds dragging on for years. Please don't hurt me…

He held me there for several moments, the heat of his short breaths washing over my bare skin and making me wince with every exhale, as if deciding what he should do next. I was wondering the same thing.

“I'm not going to let you get hurt again. Not ever. I'm gonna take care of you.”

I felt the hushed whisper sink into my skin, my eyes widening as he brought me back down from his face and back to his chest without another word, gathering me against it as he began to stand up. He spoke as if he had experienced hurt himself, his voice twinged with such heartbreak, the obvious, unknown memories had to be there. Who had he hurt…? I laid there silently, repeating his words in my head as I began to feel movements, steps specifically, walking out of the bathroom and back into his room without another word.

In one swift movement, I felt him crash back into his desk chair and bring me away from his chest, the cold air of the room instantly chilling my spine. He brought me down carefully onto the desk, tipping his palm to the side and letting me clumsily topple off onto the glass.

I quickly got to my feet and wrapped my arms around my practically exposed chest, looking up at him as he kept the hand close behind me, the twitches of his skin itching the neck of my scalp.

I stiffened as fingers began ever so lightly skimming my back, trailing up and the ends of my hair. And for some obscene reason, part of me missed the cynical, sarcastic side of Ashton that I was more used to. This part of him was human.

Words wouldn't form in my throat. And even if they did, what work they even be? I was far too taken back by the momentum of all of the giant movements and emotions booming around me, and I had no way to stop it. Overwhelming defeat. It felt as though I would simply crumble into tiny pieces between the creases of the going palm behind me.

Giant blue eyes glared deeply in to me, waiting for me to say something, anything. I would if I could. Everything was silent.

The hand retracted then, and I flicked my gaze up, holding my arms at my chest still bare and exposed from my bath, not to mention absolutely freezing. A small puddle of soapy water was pooling at my feet on the glass surface of the desk. Ashton looked up, well, down again then at me, eyes narrowing, then widening.

“Shit, you're freezing. Um, hold on I'll be right back.”

He stood up abruptly then, tossing the little white towel sloppily onto the desk and I gasped, the desk jolting as his knees bummed against the table before he rushed out the door, a muffled “Sorry!” fading down the hallway. I stood there for a moment, blinking before I quickly snatched up the white towel and heaved it over my shoulders, plopping onto the cold ground as I let the softness and the heat of the towel from Ashton's grip seep into my skin. Where the hell was he going now?

There was no use in running now. I wasn't quite that stupid, plus in complete honestly I was exhausted to tears. Sleep was not really a main factor of the wonderful night I’d had.
I just sat there, enveloped in the massive towel and watching the door carefully as I waited for the familiar rumble of the ground to echo through the halls. They came.

I heard Ashton rush back down the halls, not exactly sure why he was running but that was the least of my worries. The door flew open and I jumped anyway, watching as he fumbled into the room, the towel around his waist thankfully clinging on for dear life. He was holding something in his fist.

Collapsing back into the chair, he exhaled, regaining his breath from his pointless sprint through his own house. The playful fire in his eyes was back, and it put a twisty feeling in my stomach.


Stretching out his fist, he dropped a few things onto the table next to me, different color fabrics floating in layers on top of each other. I flipped over onto my knees to get a closer look. What…the…?

“I'm not sure if they'll fit, but it's some of what I've got. Again, my dad with the human things…”

He trailed off, the corner of his mouth turning up into a smirk as he watched me sift through the clothes, the human clothes.
First the snack sized bathroom stall and now this? How the hell did he, for better yet, did his freaking father get a hold of all these things? Every ounce in me pulsed with the urge to ask him, but getting clothed was currently my top priority. I shuffled through dresses, skirts, jeans, until my fingers felt the familiar, comfortable fabric of a sweater. I yanked it out of the pile, its soft pastel pink texture running over my hands. It looked a tad too big, but that made it all the better. I searched again for some kind of pants, and quickly thought about simply sliding on a skirt, but images of being whipped up into the air by a giant hand, exposing my bare ass for the world to see prevented me from doing so. Finding a pair of loose fitting jeans, I clutched them to my chest along with the sweater, scoring away from the pile to signal I was done.

Ashton chuckled, sliding the clothes to the other end of the table for later.

“Wow, it's almost like playing dress up. Would you like me to dress you?” He drawled out the last part, purring darkly as his eyes sunk into mine. My face flashed red and I vigorously shook my head even though I knew, or rather hoped, he wasn’t serious, clutching the towel closer to my body.  He definitely wasn't the calm, remorseful self he was a few minutes ago. I wasn't sure which I even preferred at this point.

Ashton whipped his head back in light laughter, his damp curls tumbling haphazardly, revealing the metal glint of his cartilage piercing.  I let out a nervous forced breathy laugh, sliding away from him slowly to distance myself more.
“Have it your way, then. Can't say I wouldn't want it differently.”

My face flushed deeper and I looked down, falling apart under his gaze. Did he really just go from begging for my forgiveness to some kind of weird, demented flirting?

Lord help me.

Ashton looked at me again then, as if waiting for me to do something. I stared at him blankly, sitting there unmoving and holding the clothes on my lap in front of the towel so they wouldn't get damp. He sighed with a smile on his face, crashing a giant elbow onto the desk and cradling his cheek in his hand so that he was leaned over me. Yelping, I crushed the fabric of the towel tighter around myself to keep from fleeing, craning my head at a nearly 90 degree angle to see him.

“Well, aren't you gonna get changed?”

My jaw dropped, staring up at him perplexed. Did he really think I'd just up and change in front of him like some reverse strip tease? I don't think so.

“Close your eyes.”

“But you're already wearing underwear-”

“Just close them!”

He cocked an eyebrow at me before sighing lazily and closing his eyes, leaning into his slightly bent over position.

Geez, the nerve.

Taking one careful glance at him to make sure he wasn't peeking, I turned around and dropped the towel from around my shoulders, letting it fall in a sloppy pile around me. I heard a light chuckle from behind me and whipped back around, relieved as I saw Ashton's eyes still closed.

“Don't worry, I won't peek.”

Huffing, I bit my cheek and turned back around, letting the jeans fall on my lap as I gripped the pastel sweater and slipped it over my head. My collar bone length waves tumbled out of the neck hole as the material completely enveloped me, the layers falling down my torso and slightly over my hands. I was right, it was a little too big. As I tugged it on, and overwhelmingly familiar scent flooded around me, and I paused. It wasn't Ashton's lavender and honey scent, this was something tangier. Almost like tart strawberries. I racked my brain for a source to the scent, but nothing came.

Everything here was so weird. It made me permanently uneasy.

Disregarding my brief scent epidemic, I stood up, the sweater falling just above halfway down my thigh.

“You should just wear it like that. That's baller.”

A voice suddenly boomed behind me and I jumped, shrieking and stumbling around to face an opened eyed Ashton. Jesus Christ.

“Close your freaking eyes!” I yelled, clutching the ends of my sweater in an attempt to pull it down further.

Grumbles of “Okay…okay…” rumbled through his lips as he stubbornly closed his eyes again, smushing his cheek with his palm further like a disobedient child.
He basically was one.

Without hesitation, I slipped the loose jean material up my legs and buttoned the top, the lack of a zipper making up for the row of buttons trailing up to the waist. Huh, mom jeans. Guess anything’ll do.

Running my fingers through my damp hair again, I looked back up at Ashton, satisfied to find his eyes still closed.

“You can open them now.”

Blue eyes flicked open, instantly landing on me almost as if they had already been trained on me even before they were even open. They trailed up and down my frame, starting at my bare feet up to my face, now clothed and clean to my utter relief. A small smile drizzled across his features and I stiffened, my ribs tightening under the heavy gaze.

“Looks like her stuff suits you.” Ashton said quietly, watching me with ease under the pad of his hand.

I paused immediately, letting his light words sink in.

'Her stuff?'
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 8
This ones a tad bit longer than usual about 16 pages on Word sorry if its super boring and lame //shot
SO many emotions! I was thinking abut ending this chap right after the emotional bathroom scene but was like hmmm rather not ;w; we need some humor in this damn story

Tell me what you think!! Its VERY appreciated~ 




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StoryKit Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Haha!  Why are you the toast god?  xD
hoshirozu Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Cause I LOVE toast~
Phoenixgirl500 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017
Hello! Im a reader of yours and I have three things to say/ask!
1. Keep being you
2.Im looking for someone literate to rp with, would you like to do one with me? I am pretty good at trying to adjust to others rp preferences and I need more practice as a person who may write stuff later
3. Moar stories abd fluffs omagah agbjnkk YAS keep writing, I be looking :B
hoshirozu Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
 Caaaan do! :D
And Im sorry, but i don't really RP. Im flattered by the offer though~<3

Also hehehe you got it!! lots of fluffies shall be written ;w;
Phoenixgirl500 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017
Oh, okay. Well if you ever change your mind Im here! I would love to do a collaborative story with you and get in some writing practice! 
Yus, so many fluffs cos everyone needs. Everyone needs the fluffs <w> 
Happy Birthday!!!
hoshirozu Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
nscmseiyaryu Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday! XD
hoshirozu Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hithereallyall Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
*sneaks in from my hidey-hole* 
Happy b-day! ;;w;;
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