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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 8
Filled with disturbance, I turned away from the mirror, from that bruised, beat up girl that wasn't me, and instead towards the sink. Suddenly, no part of me felt comfortable taking off all my clothes with my own captor in the same room.  Underwear could dry fast enough, and it might actually be beneficial to get them clean while I'm at it. Who knew how long it'd be till I'd have another pair…
Dipping one foot in the water, I heard quiet, rhythmic humming coming from the shower, vibrating deep in my chest. I ignored it and sighed as the warm water melted off the ache and pain, and instantly plopped down onto the counter, both my legs now completely immersed in the bubbles. With a deep breath, I dipped myself in the hot soapy goodness, smiling as the water washed over my face and through my hair. Taking another deep breath, I flipped myself completely under the water, opening my eyes to the light blue water swirling in bubbles and wincing slightly at the sting. Memories of su
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 7
Troublesome thoughts raced through my mind, images of me pathetically peeing into a little bowl like a dog or a plant or anything horribly humiliating enough to be small enough for me. Every part of my brain screamed to ignore it, feeling as pathetic as a small child asking to use the potty to their parents. I didn't want to stoop to that level. But every inch of my body screamed Pee, you weak bitch. Get over yourself.
The nudge of a finger brought me back into real life and I glanced back up at Ashton, his eyebrows concerned.
“Ay, you alright there? You look like you're in pain, almost like-“
“I have to pee.” I blurted out before I could stop myself, the pressure against my bladder growing stronger and my face instantly reddening.
Ashton blinked at me blankly for a second, before his mouth flinched slightly at the corners, spreading into that amused smile of his, eyebrows raised.
“Ya don't say. Hold on, I'll be right back.”
Before I had tim
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 11
“Alright, you all know how it starts. Humans come up and get their food first! Everyone got a travel buddy?” Cathy chirped eagerly, giddy from her current status of being the first staff ever that Dean had listened to, at least voluntarily.
Flynn stiffened again and craned his neck over his shoulder. Dean was already smirking, no longer leaning in his hand but instead shifting it back onto the table, beginning to stretch it slowly over him. His blue eyes widened and he stumbled back, quickly shooting short, panicked glances over to the rest of the kitchen. Cathy was right, the other four humans that lived here were already teamed up with their friends, each one cupped in the hand of another. Crap.
Dean’s eyes darkened.
“Now c’mere, travel buddy…
Flynn sucked in a quick breath of air as the hand advanced towards him and he froze, chills running up and down his back and squeezing his eyes shut. Really, the last thing he want
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 6
I suddenly flinched as the hand behind me came up further, jolting me out of my thoughts as it rested against my back in an attempt to get me to lean back. Instantly, I crawled forward, away from the incoming hand, but of course I wasn't fast enough. In a second the hand decided to pluck me up, entangling my in a loose fist in front of the giant face.
All of the sudden, I bitterly missed being on that chest.
I squirmed a little in the grip, but quickly gave up, the scrutinizing gaze hammering into me and breaking my bones. He simply grinned, eyes never leaving mine.
“Jeez, I was right. You are a fighter. That should make your time here interesting.”
He laughed a little, for some reason seeming to hope I would laugh to, but I just stared at him blankly, more unamused than I had ever been in my life. His laugh faded into an awkward cough and he looked at me again, biting his lip.
“Well, err, why don't you tell me your name? Calling you ‘human’ all the time m
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 5
A disgruntled “Shit!” was the first thing I heard as I slowly regained consciousness, my eyes unable to unglue themselves shut, seeming sewn at their seams.
The next thing was the pounding, the blood pumping through the veins in my temples as I still swam in darkness. Dull memories began to sink back into my brain, swinging through my aching skull.
Falling, falling smack onto the floor.
Then darkness.

The floor…
My eyes split open, blinding light immediately penetrating my vision and I winced, slowly adjusting to the room around me. I was staring straight at the cream colored ceiling, sunlight glimmering in from nearby windows high above me, setting the room in a crisp, cool atmosphere.
Shit. Was it already morning...?
Then I remembered. The voice I just heard. The giant.
I sprang up into a standing position, my heart rate not quite keeping up and tightening my brain, suddenly feeling extremely lightheaded, horribl
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 4
The giant began moving again and I startled, aimlessly gripping the sides of the glass with a yelp once again to keep from flopping over.
All these sudden harsh movements were really starting to get to me.
I felt the jar being lowered once again then, and finally settled with a dull thud. I exhaled in mild relief and turned around to look out through the thick glass, watching with wide eyes as the giant walked a little bit away towards the center of the room. The table I was on was placed next to an enormous bed, lavished with a large grey comforter, a foggy blue pillow at the head, and dusty sketches taped onto the walls behind it.  The jar I was stranded in was practically adjacent to the top of the bed, where the pillow was, and next to me was what looked to be a giant alarm clock. It read 9:53. Oh god, I was on a bedside table. Just great.
I looked back at my giant freaking kidnapper, standing towards the end of the bed. In one swift movement, he gripped the back of hi
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 3
At that statement, my struggling became intense again. I trashed and squirmed away from him and away from this whole horrible situation, but it only made him grin, raising an eyebrow again with that chillingly amused expression plastered on his face.
He simply smiled watched me for several moments, dangling there helplessly between his two fingers until exhaustion over took me. How was all of this even possible? Just an hour ago I would've never dreamed of giant people existing, especially getting kidnapped by one. This couldn’t be real. It’s not logical!
Anger suddenly swelled up inside of me, swirled up in crippling fear, and I met his eyes and spat at him.
"You realize this is practically kidnapping right? I'm a person, I have rights. I have a home and a dad and sister. Please, let me go."
The smile never lifted from his face.  
In one swift movement, he stood up, the air around me rushing at his past and my head felt woozy. I quickly found myse
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 2
My heart and head began racing and spinning a mile a minute as I ever so slowly stood up, shaking from head to toe and utterly unable to tear my gaze from the terrifying spectacle in front of me. The creature’s shaggy brown hair was still tumbled downwards at the watch-like contraption on his wrist. I couldn't quite make out a face.
'J-just walk away slowly. Yeah. That's the best thing to do. This never happened. That thing never happened.'
It felt as though my whole body was buzzing, standing so closely to that skyscraper of a person as I carefully began walking backwards, clutching the plants next to me for support. My stomach knotted tightly beneath my ribs.
'Slowly.....slowly...You’re so close…so close to the fore-'
My whole world suddenly slammed on top of me as my foot caught in between to prickly branches just outside the woods, and with a loud shriek I fell back down, definitely bruising something. My luck.
I yelped and quickly clutched my hand
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 10
“Y-you're gonna what?” Flynn sputtered out, quickly absorbing the words the blue haired giant was telling him. Dean, he…he wanted to move past level one. He wanted to follow him. But…but he hadn't done that in months! At least that's what Abigail had said.
Dean swung his legs over the bed and Flynn yelped, stumbling around in his hand briefly before the movements stopped and a sly grin smiled down on him. He stiffened.
“You heard me.” Dean stated devilishly, his voice deepening at the end.
The excitement fizzing up like apple cider in Dean's chest only continued to grow as he looked down at the pink haired human in his hand, cupping him around tighter in the base of his palm. He saw Flynn flinch and reach out for the edges of Dean's palm for balance and to no avail, and he felt that familiar pang in his stomach as he watched him.
He suddenly didn't care if it made Flynn uncomfortable. He didn't care if the human would do anything he cou
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Thorns (G/t) Chapter 1
Something was different today.
I could feel it welling up in my bones.
I was staring out from our sunroom at the edge of the house facing the backyard, the walls entirely made up of windows, and that's when I felt it. This stirring in my ribs, all this built up energy that was pushing me towards....the woods.
Why the woods? I had never traveled back there...well not completely. When I was younger my little 5 year old feet had managed to crawl themselves over the fence in a spur of exploration, only to be stopped by my dads arms before my legs had hit the ground.
"You can never go back there, Rose." He had told me.
"It's forbidden property. You wouldn't want to get yelled at by the neighbors, would you?"
My chubby toddler cheeks quickly nodded, terrified of the mysterious neighbors my dad had always told me about above the hill next to us that owned those woods. He smiled with relief, pushing blonde hair away from my eyes.
I had never met them, and I never really wanted too.
But here I
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 9
Flynn dangled there, stunned from shock and his new found embarrassment and let it pulse in his ears as he looked from Deans now wide smile to his dark playful eyes. His face was flooded with heat and all he wanted to do was crawl under the giant covers and just die.
But that was not exactly and option at the moment, being strung up between two  massive fingers that probably had no plan on letting go anytime soon.
“I…er… I can explain, y-you see-”
Dean chuckled and put a massive finger up to Flynn’s lips, which ended up being his entire face which only made Deans laughs deeper.
“Shhh, it's fine it's fine it was…cute.”
Flynn’s eyes widened and his humiliation only grew along with the redness of his cheeks and he hung his head down, kicking his legs a little helplessly in the air in a half assed attempt to free himself.
Deans grip on his bare waist tightened a little and he sucked in a gasp and looked up at the giant between his
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 8
Flynn woke up the next morning with that familiar sense of you not knowing where the hell you were because you're so used to seeing a familiar wall of a bedroom. The dread and realization came to him slowly, then all at once. The fact that he wasn't in his bed, then the fact that he was in fact on higher ground then his bed, then that this higher ground was mysteriously moving him up and down, and finally that it wasn't actually ground at all.
He froze.
Flynn’s immediate reaction was to whip out of bed, but he soon after realized that he couldn't move at all. His eyes traveled down, where he found a giant hand, smashed on top of him and reaching up to his chest and far past his feet. His tired, jumbled mind finally put the pieces together.
Aw hell, I'm on Dean’s chest, aren't I?’
Flynn’s face suddenly flushed a deep pink as Dean's chest slowly rose and fell, pressing him further against the hand and then back down. He couldn't even remember falling
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 7
"DAMMIT! I can't get any god damn sleep!” Dean groaned rather loudly, snapping Flynn out of the dozed nap he had just managed to fall into.
The human grit his teeth, running his fingers through his pink roots and groggily glanced  at the enormous alarm clock placed beside him. It hadn't even been five minutes since they got in bed.
Just waking up, he heard light mumbling behind his closed door through the hallway. The night staff were making their rounds, checking that all the doors were closed and no one was running away or dealing drugs or anything.
He rolled his eyes and flopped over on the other side of the bed, trying to ignore the obnoxious giant grumbling next to him. These sleeping arrangements were really starting to get on his last nerve.
Having his human sized bed propped up on the small table right next to Dean’s was not exactly the most convenient place to be, but it was the way the whole house had been designed.
‘The whole house doesn't
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 6
“Coping skills…” The group therapist began. She flicked a loose strand of blonde hair into her slick ponytail, flashing the group of teenagers a white smile.
She was awfully pretty… Flynn thought to himself platonically, tugging his knees up to his chest in the couch arm.
Too pretty to be throwing around smiles like that. He smiled a bit, tuning into what she had to say. Her fierce grey eyes traveled over the room, matching her tight button down blouse.
“…these are the things that we do to deal with events that stir intense emotions up for us. Healthy or unhealthy, we use them to cope through difficult times….”
Flynn’s eyes scanned the room at with other boys, mostly giants, and keeping very close attention to what she had to say. For obvious reasons. Eyes were not exactly trained on her mouth. He bit the side of his cheek.
He zoned out a little as he heard Dean yawn next to him, making him flinch. He glanced u
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 5
There was something breathtaking about being held by another person.
Flynn should have been scared. Terrified. Weak in his knees.
And he was all 3 of those things.
Oh, but being in his position, it wasn't like any other time he'd been lifted off his feet by a giant.
No, this time it was something completely and utterly terrifying and deliciously enthralling.
Flynn was standing there in that cold marble, reaching about Deans waist and craning his neck up and up to meet his piercing eyes. The way Dean licked his lips made him tremble.
He watched carefully as he gazed down at him, swallowing, and his eyes quickly traveling up and down Flynn’s body so swiftly you would've missed it if you blinked.
Should Flynn have followed his immediate instincts and either A. Beg for an excuse not to be held, or B. Run?  Yes.
Did he? No.
No, not at all, to be exact. Because here he was standing there about to be stolen away by Dean, who made his heart quiver and his stomach fall like rain, and
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Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt.4
Irony is a funny thing.
It had only been a few hours, but it seemed to be following Flynn everywhere he went.
And to make matters even better, the little episode with Dean was still racking against his head
He just couldn't seem to get that expression of Dean’s off of his mind. And surprisingly, it wasn't quite the grimace inducing gnarled smile he had originally been given that was bothering him. No, it was that slow change of expression, barely noticeable to the average eye, but in  Flynn’s position, dangled right in front of his face, it was hard not to.
His large, brown eyes had softened, slowly, replaced with an emotion Flynn could only describe as subtle fear. And who in their right mind would be afraid of a tiny human? The thoughts was nagging at him, feeling heavy in the pit of his stomach.
It wasn't just fear, however, but also a sign of gentleness, and one he couldn't quite put his finger on. Possibly... longing?
That's what put him off the most
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Worst first impression - chapter 18 - Seriously?
The same morning, William had woken up alone. The dog was no longer at his side, and for what he could believe, it had run back to the village as he slept. Leaving him alone out there. But he was quite pleased by that outcome anyway. The dog had hopefully returned to its master and his flowers was delivered.
His tummy growled like never before and he realized that he had to solve that problem today. Also… as he got up to a sitting position, he realized that he had not really washed his face jet, and he smelled of sweat and god knows what. It had not crossed his mind until now but if he wanted to be presentable for the little people, he had to wash up a little. What would they think of him otherwise? What would Micah think...
He got up, stretched towards the sky before he tried to find his way over to the little pond. There he could surely tidy himself up even though it was shallow. It took him a while, but eventually he could see the sun reflect the water's surface as he walked i
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Worst first impression - chapter 10 - The giant
William hung over his little friend and let himself be be pampered with. It was incredible to feel the little hands against the bridge of his nose and he grew calmer by every stroke. The quick decisions he had just taken, really made his heart beat like crazy. Undoubtedly Micah felt the same way as himself and so they both embraced the moment of calmness. On normal circumstances, being pampered like this would just seem odd, but it really didn´t William thought to himself. It was just a moment for them both to connect for the first time.
This really could be called their first meeting. William had been tied up just untill now, and never really seen Micah. Even so, it felt as if they had a really strong connection even before this moment. It was just really something special for William now, to be able to reply to Micah in a way. To show him his appreciation for what he had done for him. He had literally taken the beats for William.
The little creature, Micah, was lying motionless
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Worst first impression - chapter 9 - Reunion
For a moment time stood still. The guards stood frozen on the spot, William sat motionless and looked at me as I sat below the guards with blood pouring down my face from a wound recently created. It was like the one that moved first would be the one who lost, very much like that game you were playing in the street when you were little. No one dared to take the first step into uncertainty.
The one, who against all expectations, took the first step was me. I was enchanted by the huge presence felt by Williams eyes and could not help but whisper "Help me, help me William..." As I coughed.
The guards reacted to the faint sound of my complainant and refocused himself. One took a firm grip around my throat to silence me and the other seemed to keep his arms around my torso while they turned and ran.
William could hear little voices. Faint voices that whispered through his head as he sat. Since not having understood the words, and as be became buried in his own mental stat
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Worst first impression - chapter 8 - Skyblue
William could feel how his face paled instantly by the sight before him. The first few seconds, his eyes felt to sore from not being used for so long, but finally after a little moment of adjustment, it seemed as his vision began to clear.
Small, small pieces of meat were scattered on the muddy ground underneath him. But what he got stuck upon was something looking oddly familiar. It took a while to realize what it was. But as the picture grew even more focused he could see that it resembled a small leg. The first thing he saw since he was blindfolded was tiny tiny pieces of meat and familiar pieces of something looking oddly human. It was barely longer than two centimeters, in other words, extremely small, but it was impossible not to see the resemblance.
William had never seen anything of the like before, but did not dare to bend down for a closer look. The breath began to accelerate as he slowly began to realize. He knew he had been eating meat of many sorts, some of them were more
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Worst first impression - chapter 3 - Blackout :iconlovisa93:Lovisa93 15 6
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Filled with disturbance, I turned away from the mirror, from that bruised, beat up girl that wasn't me, and instead towards the sink. Suddenly, no part of me felt comfortable taking off all my clothes with my own captor in the same room.  Underwear could dry fast enough, and it might actually be beneficial to get them clean while I'm at it. Who knew how long it'd be till I'd have another pair…

Dipping one foot in the water, I heard quiet, rhythmic humming coming from the shower, vibrating deep in my chest. I ignored it and sighed as the warm water melted off the ache and pain, and instantly plopped down onto the counter, both my legs now completely immersed in the bubbles. With a deep breath, I dipped myself in the hot soapy goodness, smiling as the water washed over my face and through my hair. Taking another deep breath, I flipped myself completely under the water, opening my eyes to the light blue water swirling in bubbles and wincing slightly at the sting. Memories of summer weather, diving into pools and swimming like a mermaid underneath the water with my sister from when I was ten. Cartwheels and flips in the deep end, Kyle bellyflopping into the pool and writhing in his own ridiculous pain, and feeling special because I could open my eyes under the water with ease...

I swam underneath the water, leaning against the smooth white edge of the sink and running my hands through my hair, watching satisfied as bits of dirt and grease slid off. If I focused enough, I could pretend like I was simply back home, swimming in the deep end of a pool during summer vacation. A very soapy pool.

Kicking my legs, I swam back up to the surface, flooded with relief as cool air filled my lungs once again. The top layer of the water was completely masked in bubbles, not able to see below the water through the masses of white. I scrubbed my face with my hands, cleaning the sweat and tears and everything that had happened in the last day clear from my skin. It was almost orgasmic.

One last time, I dove under the water, enjoying the felling of weightlessness and warm cleanliness, wiping the last bit of grim from my skin and hair. As I surfaced again, I heard a knob turn and I froze, stomach knotting. The shower stopped.

Instantly, I looked around the counter for a towel.  Dread slowly began to suffocate my gut.   Shit, how could I have forgotten to ask for a towel? I didn't want him to see me practically naked!

The shower curtain swung partly open and I stiffened, watching as an arm reached out from the curtain for a red towel, and snatched it up behind the curtain, taking a moment or two before a very damp Ashton appeared, towel wrapped around his waist. I swallowed, watching as he ran his fingers through his wet hair, curls falling behind his ears sloppily as he stepped out of the tub. Then he looked at me.
My breath caught in my throat as he smirked, beginning to take booming steps towards me. Before I knew it, his enormous, looming figure filled my vision, leaning over the sink, his bare chest glistening with droplets of water. The intense honey and lavender scent consumed me.

“Don't you look all squeaky clean? I can barely see you around all those bubbles.”

He chuckled, watching with amusement as I sputtered, too intimidated to move or say anything. He was just…so…huge.

When he realized I wasn't going to say anything, he reached out a hand over the sink, and my eyes widened, horror twisting my stomach.

“Alright, well if you're done let’s get you all dried off.”

The hand began to lower and I gasped in terror.

Was he really about to snatch me out of the water? I could be naked! I practically was! Nonononono-

“N-No!” I yelped, diving back into the water and swimming as fast as my legs could kick. I soon found myself at the bottom of the sink, pressing my back against the cool surface as I watched the surface in gut wrenching anticipation. What was he thinking? Did he really think I would let him just grab me out of the bath with his grimy hands and dry me off like some kind of plaything?

I heard a dull splash and my face drained of color, a hand diving slowly into the surface of the water, disturbing the crisp layers of bubbles. Its fingers wiggled and stretched, searching widely for me. Shit.

I pressed myself back as far as I could against the porcelain, squirming away as the hand lowered and lowered, till it was only mere inches away. Panicked, I darted away, pushing myself off against the sink and kicking for my life. I stiffened as my foot skimmed the edge of a fingertip.

Oh no.

The hand startled, flicking behind me as it quickly closed in, thumb pressing against my bare  stomach the other fingers closed in around me. I instantly struggled against the grip, all air leaving my lungs in a flood of bubbles as I was whipped out of the water immediately. Cold air hit me like a ton of bricks and I coughed and sputtered, the hands unwrapping around me and leaving me wet and heaving in the pad of Ashton's giant palm.

Curling up into a ball, I wrapped my arms around myself and shivered, pressing my cheek against the rough skin to avoid looking at him. The humiliation of being sprawled out soaking wet in nothing but my underwear was unbearable. How did he think this was okay? I felt myself being raised to his face and I curled myself up tighter, wanting to be doing anything else but being half naked completely at the will of a giant monster.

After several moments of him not saying anything, I glanced up at his face, my own reddening instantly as I saw him look down on me wide eyed, eyes trailing over my purple spotted trembling frame. His cheeks flushed slightly pink as his hand slightly curled around me tighter. I just have looked so pathetic then, turned away damp and half naked, covered in bruises quivering like some scared animal in the palm of his hand. But as I looked closer at Ashton’s face, that's not what I saw. His blue eyes were still skimming over me carefully, absorbing every small detail with scrutiny, from the pads of my feet to my face, now completely turned towards him over my shoulder. He was searching me like he had never seen me before, like he hadn't taken me yesterday and spent the entire last 24 hours terrifying me. The pink on his cheeks deepened.
Before I could dwell on that too much, he shifted and I squeaked, taken off guard as he reached into a drawer and pulled out a fluffy white hand cloth, the size of a large comforter to me. Then without warning, he lowered the towel onto me, pushing and dipping the edges against my trembling frame and I gasped, turning and squirming  away to try and escape his persistent touch.

“Shh, Rose, quit struggling. I'm just trying to dry you off.”

He walked us over to the toilet, settling down on the lid and leaning over me as he continued to press the towel against me, absorbing the water against my skin.

“I…I can do t-that myself!” I yelped up at him in between presses, fighting for air. Ashton paused for a moment, holding the towel above my frame. My chest heaved and my eyes pleaded with his, alarmed and slightly weirded out by his once again sudden calm demeanor. His eyebrows furrowed down at me.

“No. I need to take care of you. Just look at yourself.”

His eyes traveled over my bruises, looking back up from them to me. His voice quieted.

“I did that to you. I must have. I told you I wouldn't hurt you.”

My heart thrummed in my chest, taken back by his sudden remorse. I thought kidnappers weren't supposed to have feelings. It was odd, and put an uneasy feeling in my chest.

“I-it's not your fault.” I stuttered, barely believing the words that came out of my mouth. Basically, I was just willing to say anything if it meant he would stop looking at me like…that.

“I hurt myself because I fell last night. And yesterday. I'm clumsy, trust me.”

Ashton's blue eyes shot to mine, stunning me. I inched back further away from him.

“No, you wouldn't have gotten those if I hadn't scared you. Why else would you run? And look at you, you're still so afraid…”

Slight hurt sparked in his features for a quick second before dulling again, but I knew what i saw. He actually felt…badly for me.

How the hell could he feel badly for me? Of course it was his fault that I was hurt. Why did I even bother telling him otherwise? I wouldn't have fallen in the first place if he had just left me alone back there in the field yesterday. I'd still be home, safe and sound and a normal color. Anger bubbled up inside of my chest like a tidal wave, quickly replacing my previous semi-forgiveness.

“Of course I'm afraid!” I spat, all calmness and meekness from a second ago completely gone. A stunned expression overtook Ashton's face and he looked at me in alarm.

“I don't belong here! I'm human. You're a giant person, or who knows what. It's unnatural! I have a home and family and friends, I've told you that before. Why won't you listen?”
My voice choked up at the end, just barely squeezing out the last word over the river of tears that began streaming down my cheeks. So much for never crying in front of him.

I took deep, shaky breaths, rising up into a sitting position and wrapping my arms around my knees, looking up at him with ferocity. All he could do was simply look at me blankly, lip twitching at the end and eyes drowning in emotions I couldn't read. After a couple moments, he cleared his throat.

“I'm sorry that's the way you feel, but you've got to trust me. You're better off here. You're safe here. I'm gonna take care of you. I've got you, you're safe.”

More tears spilled down my face, my cheeks heated.

“No! I don't want you to take care of me. I'm 17, I can take care of myself just fine!  I'm not your pet, or whatever twisted way you think about me.”

Ashton's eyes pleaded with mine, pulling me in closer to his face. I shivered, feeling more exposed than ever with my lack of clothes and crying.

“Just let me, Rose. Let me have you. I don't know much about you humans, but I want to know. I want to know all about you. I've waited so long...”

His eyes searched for mine and I looked up at him, filled with hurt and wondering why in the world this had to happen to me. I didn't have to say anything, he knew my answer.

He sighed and his bare shoulders loosened, carefully cupping me in his hand as his eyes wandered to the floor, flashes of unreadable emotions flicking across his irises. I took a deep, shaky breath, still curled up on my side and watching him through wet bangs, wiping the remainder of my tears from my cheeks with my knuckle. I stiffened as he suddenly looked back down at me, glancing one last time over my bruises before bringing me up closer to his face, eventually so close that I could practically feel his lips grazing my skin. My stomach lodged itself in my throat and I quickly buried my face in his palm to avoid looking at the incoming face, eyes wide, my heart racing and my mind spinning in confusion.

I felt his thumb graze over my half buried cheek and I dug my fingernails into the leathery surface of his hand and clenched my teeth shut, the seconds dragging on for years. Please don't hurt me…

He held me there for several moments, the heat of his short breaths washing over my bare skin and making me wince with every exhale, as if deciding what he should do next. I was wondering the same thing.

“I'm not going to let you get hurt again. Not ever. I'm gonna take care of you.”

I felt the hushed whisper sink into my skin, my eyes widening as he brought me back down from his face and back to his chest without another word, gathering me against it as he began to stand up. He spoke as if he had experienced hurt himself, his voice twinged with such heartbreak, the obvious, unknown memories had to be there. Who had he hurt…? I laid there silently, repeating his words in my head as I began to feel movements, steps specifically, walking out of the bathroom and back into his room without another word.

In one swift movement, I felt him crash back into his desk chair and bring me away from his chest, the cold air of the room instantly chilling my spine. He brought me down carefully onto the desk, tipping his palm to the side and letting me clumsily topple off onto the glass.

I quickly got to my feet and wrapped my arms around my practically exposed chest, looking up at him as he kept the hand close behind me, the twitches of his skin itching the neck of my scalp.

I stiffened as fingers began ever so lightly skimming my back, trailing up and the ends of my hair. And for some obscene reason, part of me missed the cynical, sarcastic side of Ashton that I was more used to. This part of him was human.

Words wouldn't form in my throat. And even if they did, what work they even be? I was far too taken back by the momentum of all of the giant movements and emotions booming around me, and I had no way to stop it. Overwhelming defeat. It felt as though I would simply crumble into tiny pieces between the creases of the going palm behind me.

Giant blue eyes glared deeply in to me, waiting for me to say something, anything. I would if I could. Everything was silent.

The hand retracted then, and I flicked my gaze up, holding my arms at my chest still bare and exposed from my bath, not to mention absolutely freezing. A small puddle of soapy water was pooling at my feet on the glass surface of the desk. Ashton looked up, well, down again then at me, eyes narrowing, then widening.

“Shit, you're freezing. Um, hold on I'll be right back.”

He stood up abruptly then, tossing the little white towel sloppily onto the desk and I gasped, the desk jolting as his knees bummed against the table before he rushed out the door, a muffled “Sorry!” fading down the hallway. I stood there for a moment, blinking before I quickly snatched up the white towel and heaved it over my shoulders, plopping onto the cold ground as I let the softness and the heat of the towel from Ashton's grip seep into my skin. Where the hell was he going now?

There was no use in running now. I wasn't quite that stupid, plus in complete honestly I was exhausted to tears. Sleep was not really a main factor of the wonderful night I’d had.
I just sat there, enveloped in the massive towel and watching the door carefully as I waited for the familiar rumble of the ground to echo through the halls. They came.

I heard Ashton rush back down the halls, not exactly sure why he was running but that was the least of my worries. The door flew open and I jumped anyway, watching as he fumbled into the room, the towel around his waist thankfully clinging on for dear life. He was holding something in his fist.

Collapsing back into the chair, he exhaled, regaining his breath from his pointless sprint through his own house. The playful fire in his eyes was back, and it put a twisty feeling in my stomach.


Stretching out his fist, he dropped a few things onto the table next to me, different color fabrics floating in layers on top of each other. I flipped over onto my knees to get a closer look. What…the…?

“I'm not sure if they'll fit, but it's some of what I've got. Again, my dad with the human things…”

He trailed off, the corner of his mouth turning up into a smirk as he watched me sift through the clothes, the human clothes.
First the snack sized bathroom stall and now this? How the hell did he, for better yet, did his freaking father get a hold of all these things? Every ounce in me pulsed with the urge to ask him, but getting clothed was currently my top priority. I shuffled through dresses, skirts, jeans, until my fingers felt the familiar, comfortable fabric of a sweater. I yanked it out of the pile, its soft pastel pink texture running over my hands. It looked a tad too big, but that made it all the better. I searched again for some kind of pants, and quickly thought about simply sliding on a skirt, but images of being whipped up into the air by a giant hand, exposing my bare ass for the world to see prevented me from doing so. Finding a pair of loose fitting jeans, I clutched them to my chest along with the sweater, scoring away from the pile to signal I was done.

Ashton chuckled, sliding the clothes to the other end of the table for later.

“Wow, it's almost like playing dress up. Would you like me to dress you?” He drawled out the last part, purring darkly as his eyes sunk into mine. My face flashed red and I vigorously shook my head even though I knew, or rather hoped, he wasn’t serious, clutching the towel closer to my body.  He definitely wasn't the calm, remorseful self he was a few minutes ago. I wasn't sure which I even preferred at this point.

Ashton whipped his head back in light laughter, his damp curls tumbling haphazardly, revealing the metal glint of his cartilage piercing.  I let out a nervous forced breathy laugh, sliding away from him slowly to distance myself more.
“Have it your way, then. Can't say I wouldn't want it differently.”

My face flushed deeper and I looked down, falling apart under his gaze. Did he really just go from begging for my forgiveness to some kind of weird, demented flirting?

Lord help me.

Ashton looked at me again then, as if waiting for me to do something. I stared at him blankly, sitting there unmoving and holding the clothes on my lap in front of the towel so they wouldn't get damp. He sighed with a smile on his face, crashing a giant elbow onto the desk and cradling his cheek in his hand so that he was leaned over me. Yelping, I crushed the fabric of the towel tighter around myself to keep from fleeing, craning my head at a nearly 90 degree angle to see him.

“Well, aren't you gonna get changed?”

My jaw dropped, staring up at him perplexed. Did he really think I'd just up and change in front of him like some reverse strip tease? I don't think so.

“Close your eyes.”

“But you're already wearing underwear-”

“Just close them!”

He cocked an eyebrow at me before sighing lazily and closing his eyes, leaning into his slightly bent over position.

Geez, the nerve.

Taking one careful glance at him to make sure he wasn't peeking, I turned around and dropped the towel from around my shoulders, letting it fall in a sloppy pile around me. I heard a light chuckle from behind me and whipped back around, relieved as I saw Ashton's eyes still closed.

“Don't worry, I won't peek.”

Huffing, I bit my cheek and turned back around, letting the jeans fall on my lap as I gripped the pastel sweater and slipped it over my head. My collar bone length waves tumbled out of the neck hole as the material completely enveloped me, the layers falling down my torso and slightly over my hands. I was right, it was a little too big. As I tugged it on, and overwhelmingly familiar scent flooded around me, and I paused. It wasn't Ashton's lavender and honey scent, this was something tangier. Almost like tart strawberries. I racked my brain for a source to the scent, but nothing came.

Everything here was so weird. It made me permanently uneasy.

Disregarding my brief scent epidemic, I stood up, the sweater falling just above halfway down my thigh.

“You should just wear it like that. That's baller.”

A voice suddenly boomed behind me and I jumped, shrieking and stumbling around to face an opened eyed Ashton. Jesus Christ.

“Close your freaking eyes!” I yelled, clutching the ends of my sweater in an attempt to pull it down further.

Grumbles of “Okay…okay…” rumbled through his lips as he stubbornly closed his eyes again, smushing his cheek with his palm further like a disobedient child.
He basically was one.

Without hesitation, I slipped the loose jean material up my legs and buttoned the top, the lack of a zipper making up for the row of buttons trailing up to the waist. Huh, mom jeans. Guess anything’ll do.

Running my fingers through my damp hair again, I looked back up at Ashton, satisfied to find his eyes still closed.

“You can open them now.”

Blue eyes flicked open, is take landing on me almost as if they had already been trained on me even before they were open. They trailed up and down my frame, starting at my bare feet up to my face, now clothed and clean to my utter relief. A small smile drizzled across his features and I stiffened, my ribs tightening under the heavy gaze.

“Looks like her stuff suits you.” Ashton said quietly, watching me with ease under the pad of his hand.

I paused immediately, letting his light words sink in.

'Her stuff?'
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 8
This ones a tad bit longer than usual about 16 pages on Word sorry if its super boring and lame //shot
SO many emotions! I was thinking abut ending this chap right after the emotional bathroom scene but was like hmmm rather not ;w; we need some humor in this damn story

Tell me what you think!! Its VERY appreciated~ 
Troublesome thoughts raced through my mind, images of me pathetically peeing into a little bowl like a dog or a plant or anything horribly humiliating enough to be small enough for me. Every part of my brain screamed to ignore it, feeling as pathetic as a small child asking to use the potty to their parents. I didn't want to stoop to that level. But every inch of my body screamed Pee, you weak bitch. Get over yourself.

The nudge of a finger brought me back into real life and I glanced back up at Ashton, his eyebrows concerned.

“Ay, you alright there? You look like you're in pain, almost like-“

“I have to pee.” I blurted out before I could stop myself, the pressure against my bladder growing stronger and my face instantly reddening.

Ashton blinked at me blankly for a second, before his mouth flinched slightly at the corners, spreading into that amused smile of his, eyebrows raised.

“Ya don't say. Hold on, I'll be right back.”

Before I had time to ask where he was going, he stood up and leaned over the bathtub, lowering me down into the giant, pool sized white plastic, leaving me stranded in the nearly 20 foot tall tub. The floor of it was rough and still damp, water droplets skinning the sides.

I looked back up at him and gasped, reeling back. From this perspective, it was practically a 90 degree angle up at him, his enormous, practically 80 foot figure looming over me. It was the same feeling you got when looking straight up at a skyscraper, where your blood slows down in your chest and your lungs feel heavy, feeling as if in any second, it would come crashing on top of you. That's how I felt.

And the cherry on top, I now had a crystal clear and complete visual of his entire practically naked body, including those plaid boxers at his, trailing up to the v-line of his torso. I nearly fell over, averting my gaze with a flushed face, practically melting away at my cheeks, and training my eyes anywhere but there.

He must have noticed my panicked reaction, earning me a hearty chuckle, looking down at me like I was some sort of confused puppy.

I continued to inch back, pressing my body as far against the porcelain as I could, as far away from him. Every hair on my body was raised and my chest felt like it would explode, stomach feeling like it was folding inside out at the angle.

The floor rumbled as Ashton shifted his gaze from me to the door, taking a few steps towards it to my overwhelming relief before pausing at the wood, glancing back.

“Alright Rosebud, I'll be right back. And if when I get back, you're not right there, ohhhhh boy…”

He paused and looked up at the ceiling, a slight, teasing smile climbing onto his face before his eyes returned to me.

“…You’re just not going to want to do that.”

I let his words sink in as he slunk out of the bathroom, booming steps fading off down the hallway.

I stood there for several moments, ears perked to listen to see if I could hear any other voices in the hallway, but all that came were the dull, annoying thuds of Ashton's obnoxiously loud footsteps.

No one else here as far as I knew.

Carefully peeling myself from the side of the bathtub, I peered around my surroundings, the whole tub bigger than a basketball court, forgetting about my bladder for a second. Just an expanse of dull white, dusted in droplets of water the size of my palm, and more importantly, no place to hide.

Sighing, I slumped over, curling my knees up to my chest as the dampness of the ground seeped into my leggings. I didn't care anymore, and I hated the fact that I was left with no other choice but to just sit here pathetically and wait for my kidnapper to come and fish me out of a god damn bathtub. I could barely believe what I was even thinking.

Did I really think that just because Ashton said he wouldn't hurt me, that he really wouldn't? He probably only viewed me as a little pet, to keep locked up for as long as he wanted. A pet with no real feelings, no real home, no nothing. The thought put a bitter taste in my mouth.

Below my feet, the ground suddenly began to rumble and shake again, gradually getting stronger with every tremor. I stiffened and shot my eyes over to the door, the floor reverberating rhythmically with every beat of my pulse. The door swung open and I flinched, watching dumbly as Ashton stomped back into the bathroom, swinging the door shut behind him. He was a carrying some sort of small box in his hands, at least small for him. Placing it on the marble counter, he carefully looked over at the bathtub, eyes quickly landing on me and he exhaled, a smile floating onto his face.

“Wow, I really thought you'd try to run. Already starting to like me, huh?”

“Like hell.” I spat, disgusted with the idea.

Ashton chuckled like he always seemed to do at my misfortune, rolling his eyes and taking steps towards me. I pressed myself against the far end of the tub again, jaw clenched. Leaning over the tub, he gave me a mischievous grin.

“All in good time.”

And with that, he extended his hand and quickly snuck his fingers around my frame, ignoring my yelps and struggles as he raised me out of the bath. I don't think I'd ever get used to being picked up like that.
I don't think I ever wanted to.

In a short moment, he released me back onto the marble counter, and my head pulsed as I regained my footing, stumbling a bit at the sudden change.

“Here we are.”

Ashton reached his hand towards the dark blue box looking object, which I hadn't quite gotten a good look at until now. The top of it was left open, and its overall shape was slender, almost like a stall. Height wise, it was probably just a foot or two taller than me. And on the front of it….was a door?

I watched in confusion as the hand slipped behind the box, pulling out a black cord from the back and sticking it into an outlet in the wall. Next to the toilet, which I hadn't realized before either, was a long black tube, which he then threaded right up against the wall and also plugged it onto the back of the box. What the hell…was it?”

Ashton then leaned back, bare hips pressed up against the counter and I stiffened, feeling the heat of his body radiate off of me even though I was facing the other way.

“Alllllll done. Go check it out.”

I turned around and craned my neck up at him, the pressure against my bladder slicing down my waist. What exactly did this have to do with me peeing?

He looked down at me and huffed, lowering his hand down behind me to nudge me towards it, to which I yelped and stumbled forward.

“Just go. Stubborn little thing…”

His voice trailed off into a mumble at the end, sounding incredulous.
I swallowed and took a cautious step towards the object, knowing if I didn't, with my luck Ashton would just pluck me up and drop me into it.

Coming to a slow approach, I reached out my hand to feel its rough, thick plastic walls. I could feel Ashton's eyes trained on me carefully, but I shoved it into the back of my mind, all my attention focused on the strangeness in front of me. My fingers traveled over to the tiny wooden doorknob, it's cool, smooth texture a dramatic contrast to the walls.
Taking a deep breath, I flicked my wrist to turn the knob.

…What the hell?

A toilet. A bloody toilet my size sat before me bluntly, completely unaware of it’s absolutely obscurity in a giant place like this. This box, it wasn't a box at all.
It was a bathroom stall.

I walked towards the toilet, feeling its lid to see if it was simply plastic, like something out of a doll house. The cold, porcelain texture underneath my fingers told me otherwise.
A question began to ring loudly in my ears.
Where did he get this?

I turned around to look at him, taken back for a second to see him still staring at me. My eyebrows furrowed and he looked into mine, much less intimidating from this distance.
He read my mind.

“Um, my dad made it. He's always been fascinated with human things. I guess I get it from him.” He chuckled softly, looking down and scratching the back of his hair for a second.

When his blue eyes glanced back up, he noticed that I still hadn't moved, too flabbergasted and slightly disturbed to process it all.

“It works, you know. Flushes and everything. Pretty fancy shit.”

He grinned, seeming proud of his grand accomplishment of leaving the room and bringing it back. I rolled my eyes internally.  
Every part of me didn't trust these suspicious human things in a seemingly giant world. Every part of me except my bladder.

In a flash, I reached back towards the door, slamming it shut and tightening the lock. Suddenly, I now understood why the top of the stall was left open. So I couldn't hide in here away from them…

Wait! You’re missing a certain necessity there.”

I shrieked as a giant, white cloth suddenly floated in from the top, falling to the ground around me. Leaning down, I felt the texture. Toilet paper. A giant, comforter sized block of toilet paper. I must be losing my mind.

“Th-thanks.” I squeaked, clutching the paper to my chest as I slowly pulled down my leggings, feeling squeamish at the fact that I was so vulnerable in here, that Ashton could swoop in and snatch me up in a flash and I couldn't do anything to fight him. With my pants down I swallowed the lump in my throat and inched down until I felt a cold surface, exhaling and trying my best to just relax. The water of the sink still pouring outside the stall thing calmed me down as I finally managed to go, comforted by the fact that the sink drowned out any sound. In a flash, I ripped off a piece of toilet paper and quickly got back up, hoisting my leggings back to my waist as quickly as I could. I heard something being squirted into the sink outside, then silence as it turned off.

I flushed and then simply stood there, having no desire to come back out into the open. Not like this stall would protect me in any way, but somehow it just felt safer.

“Hey, you done in there?”

I bit my cheek, not saying a word and my heart thrummed, leaving against the stall door to savor any last moments of freedom from that monster that I had.

The door thudded, vibrating the whole shall and I shrieked at the sudden bang, backing up from it as he knocked on the stall for with a finger. I heard a whistle from outside, almost as if calling a dog. My face reddened.

Roooooose, I know you're done in there. You better come out before I’m forced to assist you.”

My arms trembled as I reached out to the knob, sighing at the idea of being so close to him again, but knowing this I had no other choice. I really had to get out of here.

Warm air washed over me as I opened the door, immediately gasping and  reeling back as I came face to face with his giant face, eyes peering into me only mere feet away.

His eyebrows raised and he grinned, chin balanced in the counter as he watched me carefully, still having to look down even though only his face was on the counter. I just barely came up to his nose…

“Ahh, there you are. See, I told you it wasn't so bad in there. Just like home, am I right?”


My chest tightened and I looked down, biting my lip to keep tears from filling my eyes. I wouldn't let him see me cry. Not now, not ever.

Ashton's eyebrows furrowed, grin falling from his face and he simply watched me for a couple moments, not saying anything. Without warning, he stood back up, face raised far above me as usual and instead a waist took its place. Sensing my escape, I slowly padded out of the stall, shutting the door behind me with a click. Steam soaked up from the counter and I turned, facing a now completely filled sink, large bubbles oozing in masses from the surface of the water and practically spilling onto the counter. Just looking at it made my sore joints heavy with longing.

Ashton caught my gaze and smiled, walking away from the counter and reaching behind the shower curtain on the other side of the room. A knob turned and water began to pour from the nozzle.

“Well, I'll give you two some alone time.” He purred playfully, glancing back from me to the sink. I watched him with wide eyes, stunned as he lowered his hands down to the brim of his boxers, ready to pull them down. Oh god, please don’t get naked please don't get naked. He cocked an eyebrow at my look and I quickly whipped around, flustered beyond belief.

Goosebumps trickled all over my skin as I heard the plaid fabric hit the ground, tightening my grip on my forearm. Wait for it…wait for ittt…

I heard the shower curtain shift, Ashton stepping into the shower, then snitched swish of fabric, the grey curtain swinging back in front of the shower.

Instantly, I released a breath I didn't realize I was holding, and glanced over my shoulder to make sure the coast was clear. Yep, all good. No creeping pervy giant person in sight.

Carefully, I stepped over to the sink, feeling warmer and damper with each and every step. My skin prickled at the thought of being immersed in that hot, melty water.
Grabbing the end of my sweatshirt, I turned towards the mirror I had forgotten about until now, connected to the counter at the ends. The edges of the mirror were beginning to cloud with hot steam.

I peeled off my sweatshirt, leaving just my undershirt and bra, and looked at myself in the mirror. I almost gasped.

There was me, but it wasn't me from yesterday. This girl had ratty hair, greasy at the roots and decorated with dirt and sweat. I could barely tell it was blonde. Her bangs were dampened down to her forehead, and her green eyes were clouded with fear and anxiety. Her cheeks were flushed red and trickled with dirt, and her lips were dry and bitten. That wasn't me.
Everything else from my neck down was practically the same. My slim collarbones grazing up to my shoulders, leading down to my chest, covered by a burgundy undershirt and trailing down to my black leggings. I felt the bruise on my back pulse and I slowly shifted, gripping the end of the back of my undershirt and lifting up towards the mirror.


A massive, purple-yellow bruise covered the majority of my back, stopping around my bra strap. Bits of red scratches decorated the edges, trailing down the small of my back. I could almost see the blood pumping through it.

No wonder it hurt so badly.

I looked then at each of my arms, both decorated with deep purple bruises, probably because of my fall last night.  I shuddered and shed my leggings and undershirt  slowly, wincing as the sore joints tightened and looked back to the mirror, leaving me in just my black underwear and bra. My jaw clenched.

My whole body, all covered with sick bruises. Skimming the edges of my ribs and digging deep into my slender hip ones. I'd never seen so many in my life.

I was lucky to not have broken something.
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 7
Yes, this was my genius way to pee in a giant ass world
how convenient

Poor Rose, all covered in bruises from her fall and also getting the shit scared out of her the previous day ;-(

I'm sure a showers gonna feel like heaven

Tell me what you think!!
“Alright, you all know how it starts. Humans come up and get their food first! Everyone got a travel buddy?” Cathy chirped eagerly, giddy from her current status of being the first staff ever that Dean had listened to, at least voluntarily.

Flynn stiffened again and craned his neck over his shoulder. Dean was already smirking, no longer leaning in his hand but instead shifting it back onto the table, beginning to stretch it slowly over him. His blue eyes widened and he stumbled back, quickly shooting short, panicked glances over to the rest of the kitchen. Cathy was right, the other four humans that lived here were already teamed up with their friends, each one cupped in the hand of another. Crap.
Dean’s eyes darkened.

“Now c’mere, travel buddy…

Flynn sucked in a quick breath of air as the hand advanced towards him and he froze, chills running up and down his back and squeezing his eyes shut. Really, the last thing he wanted at the moment was to be man handled all over again, still recovering from being practically forced into bed with Dean as his teddy bear, and then being subjected to watching him freaking undress himself like an animal. And despite all of his mixed feelings about his whole mind boggling ordeal, it didn't distract from the fact that sometimes it felt nice to be in control of your surroundings again.
Flynn didn't want to make a scene, but all the other humans seemed to be looking at him in pity. He could feel their downward glances crawling on the back of his neck at his hairline.  If Dean wanted him, there was nothing he could do to stop it…


Another voice rang out and before Flynn could process it, something slammed down in front of him and he yelped, his eyes popping open as he reeled back in panic, landing once again on his behind. Wincing, he blinked several times, running his fingers across his bangs before he could process what had happened. His face paled.

A hand.  Another hand that wasn't Dean’s. That was the first sign that Flynn and the entire kitchen could expect something ugly to happen.

The hand was pushed down in front of him in some sort of demeaning wall, directly cutting of Dean’s, which was now flung up in the air out of reflex. He let out a shaky breath, recovering as his eyes cautiously traveled up Dean’s arm to his face, which flashed with shock for a split second before contorting into something much more biting and infuriated.  This was probably the first time somebody in the house had ever stopped Dean from getting something he wanted.

Oh no.

Dean’s brown eyes flicked from Flynn’s startled figure on the table to the owner of the other hand. God dammit.

It was that douche bag blonde dude Reed that was sitting next to him.

Did this kid want to fucking die?

Flynn eyes traveled with Dean’s, trembling slightly with fear at the two, overbearing giants that looked like they were about to have it out. What did the other one…want?

The blonde one flashed both of them a glimmering, white smile, devilishly looking at Dean before moving his other hand onto the table behind Flynn, earning another yelp from the now practically terrified human before simply scooping him up into his palm from behind. Dean’s eyes narrowed at this and his chest twisted, wanting more than anything than to just beat the shit out of Reed and return Flynn to himself, dumping him into his pocket. All to himself.

But he had to control himself. And damn, it was unraveling his bones like loose, torn yarn.

  Flynn stumbled into the warm, uneven and foreign fleshy surface, head spinning as he was immediately raised to the unfamiliar giant’s face. He could now feel his heart thrumming widely in his chest, fluttering like a frightened hummingbird. He instantly scooted back from the huge, looming face, only to bump into a wall of fingers.

Again, he wasn't scared of giants. He really never was. Everyone he knew had grown up with at least a few of them in their lives. But this, this was different. Dean, he was different.
And now another giant was simply plucking him up, not out of curiosity of protection, but as a direct challenge.  Flynn’s jaw clenched, realizing quickly what was going on.

They were going to test Dean, see how far they could push him until he broke.

This was dangerous territory.

“I hope you don't mind, Dean…” The blonde giant began with a haughty smirk, beginning to stand up and cupping Flynn a little closer to his chest for support.  The blonde drawled out Dean’s name, as if he was degrading the giant bit by bit with each syllable, stealing his power through his teeth. He could feel the air thicken around the three of them. Flynn’s face flushed red and he desperately gripped the giant’s thumb the second he felt movement. He didn't trust this stranger, who knew his careful he'd be with him?

Not like Dean was that careful with him either.

Dean clenched his jaw tightly, a growl boiling up in his throat as he watched Reed stand up, holding Flynn, the human he was supposed to be holding, a little too close to his chest. Reed flashed him another devilish smile, his green eyes sparkling.

“…But I figured it might be nice for the little guy to meet some new people. I mean, it's not like you own him anyway. I'm Reed, by the way.” He said, the end of his statements attention diverted to the human.

Something panged deep in Dean’s chest as he watched a smiling, sunshiney Reed saunter over to the kitchen counter to help Flynn get his food. The other giants with their human friends followed suit, carefully eyeing a frustrated Dean as they walked by, extra careful with their steps. It was almost as if the entire floorboards around Dean with laced with mines and bombs, and just simply looking him in the eye would combust the entire kitchen.

Reed wasn't wrong. Dean thought to himself bitterly, carefully turning over the spiteful words again and again in the crevices of his mind. He replayed Flynn’s expression when Reed picked him up. The uncertainty swirled up in…relief.

His stomach knotted and he clenched his jaw, staring down at the table and clenching his fists. He could practically still feel Flynn there, the soft texture of his sweater slipping between the pads of his thumbs, his body wracking with uncertainty and tangible, overwhelming anxiousness mixed with some sort of curiosity. Dean could feel all of those things, the grey cotton and soft pink air and a flood of emotions all pulse low in his groin, twisting every time he thought about the delicate blue fear in that human’s eyes.

It was like cigarette smoke.
Twisting and swirling in his lungs.

Dean set his jaw and sat back up, watching as the humans got their plates off of the counter, a cute little blonde human staff named Ashley handing them their food on the counter with a dazzling smile. He smirked a little as her blue eyes met his and she visibly stiffened, a flash of fear sparking across her features before she forced her gaze away and back towards the humans, smearing a faux smile onto her face. Ashley was new, and she was absolutely terrified of Dean. And it’s not like she didn’t have any reason to be. She did. Of all the helpless staff that Dean could torment every day, Ashley was by far, the most entertaining.

   Although deep inside Dean, back in the crevices of his mind that were left untouched, he had a certain and completely unconscious gentleness with the girl. He would never admit this to himself, but while he had absolutely no hesitation knocking a giant staff’s lights out, the mere idea of doing that to a girl like Ashley made his stomach turn.
However, that meant next to nothing in the scheme of things. Dean would still continue to terrify the poor girl whenever she worked, teasing her relentlessly. It was kind of hilarious.

   His smirk quickly faded, however, as he saw Reed approach the counter next, setting his palm down flat onto the counter so Flynn could get his plate. Ashley tiptoed over and timidly handed Flynn his food, but this smile wasn't the same as the others. Dean’s eyes narrowed at her, focusing in on her expression.
She looked at him in pity, almost as if she knew that Flynn was Dean’s little toy, and trying it encourage him that the big bad man wouldn't bother him forever.

Usually he wouldn't give two shits about what people thought of him here. They were all a bunch of useless assholes anyway. But Flynn was different.

He cared about what Flynn thought, even if he didn't know why.

And he didn't want anyone to get in the way of that.

Dean bit the side of his cheek as Reed sauntered back over, taking careful, slow steps to not rattle the human cupped in his palm. His eyes narrowed in on Flynn, looking visibly startled and clutching his plate of food dangerously firmly, as if the plastic beneath his palms would snap.
A spark of pride burst in Dean’s chest and he smirked, watching as the two uncomfortably made their way back over to the table, Reed trying his best to keep that confident, wolffish grin of his, but was easily shaken by Dean’s intense stare.

That's right, put him down...

Reed crashed into the seat next to him, plopping his palm lazily on the table at the same time, and Dean watched as the pink haired boy quickly shuffled off of his palm, standing frozen for a second in the table as if he didn't know where to go. Dean’s fists clenched, burning with need to scoop him back into his hands, to wipe away any trace of fucking Reed that could've been left behind.

Contain yourself. He mumbled to himself bitterly.

Flynn stood there for several moments, finally on solid ground and very relieved to be so, but now he faced an entirely different battle. Where exactly…would he sit?

The human timidly looked up at Dean, expecting to be grabbed by the now probably furious giant, his own decision on where he was going to sit swiped from his hands.

He wasn't.

When Flynn looked up at Dean, all he met was Dean’s immense chocolate brown stare, glimmering with need and want, twitching with swallowed thoughts and hopeful actions. His thick biceps tensed trough the thin black material of his tee shirt, bulging at the seams as the giant set his jaw, long eyelashes fanning over his eyes as he watched him carefully.

Flynn’s stomach knotted, looking back over Reed, who was already wolfing down heaps of eggs and toast, his attention completely focused on the greasy task at hand.

“Alright, everyone else can come up and get their food now!” Cathy piped, both Flynn’s and Dean’s eyes falling onto the blonde.

Almost in sync, both looked back at each other, stunning them each for a second before returning their gazes, desperately trying to read one another.

When neither made any notion, Dean gripped the edge of the table and hoisted himself up, his forearms flexing as he swung his legs over edge and silently made his way to the kitchen.

Flynn watched him go with wide eyes, the other giants steering clear of him and he approached the kitchen counter, pressing his pelvis into the marble the same way he had done earlier.

What was up with him? He was being so…

Flynn’s eyes narrowed onto the human he had seen earlier, Ashely, the poor thing slowly backing away from Dean, being stranded on the counter right below him.


Flynn watched curiously, his stomach knotting as Deans eyes casually fell on Ashley, a small, easy smirk climbing to his face as he stretched out a hand towards the terrified girl.

Immediately Flynn sensed a dynamic between the two.

Ashely must have been one of the staff Dean relentlessly tormented. And why not? She seemed easy enough. Easily startled by the massive, far too playful giant, who was now stretching out a single finger, letting it land on the girls blonde head of hair. Flynn watched her stiffen, horrified and paling as the digit snaked up to her neck, setting underneath her jaw and slightly tilting her head up at him.

Could Dean go one second without teasing some poor staff?


Not again… Ashley groaned to herself, stiffening at the touch but knowing better than to run. Everyday it was like this with Dean. He'd spot her, pick her up, maybe toss her around a couple times, flick her a little, trap her in some glass, anything really that, despite being harmless, was still pretty awful. And all before another staff was able to yell at him to stop. She really didn’t know why she hadn’t quit this damn job yet.

“Y-you're not supposed to do that…” Ashely squeaked, looking anywhere but from the giant looming above her. Dean smiled down at her, which wasn't unusual, and she softly met his eyes, trying to hide the tremble that was climbing up her neck.

Any second now, he'd grab her. Trap her. Do something-

“Good morning, Ashley.” Dean stated simply, his finger falling from her neck and returning back at his side, looking away from the staff with a soft smile and grabbing a plate of food off the counter, before easily sauntering off.

It took her a few seconds to even realize what had happened.

Did he just…leave her alone?

Her head fluttered with relief and curiosity, watching as the blue haired giant walked back over to the table, the one with the new human she had seen earlier, crashing down onto the bench. She saw the pink haired human look up at him with the same curiosity she had, and her throat tightened as Dean drew out a hand towards Flynn, lightly, but forcefully scooting him towards the giant from behind. The human gave in easily, almost looking relieved, taking a seat at the base of the table in front of Dean once he removed his hand.

“Hey, does Dean seem to be acting any different to you?” A voice whispered behind her, startling Ashley as she craned her neck behind her, meeting the face of another staff. A brunette giantess named Tess, who she’d been talking to the most since she started working here.

Ashely paused, looking back over at the giant, eating his food, but not looking at it at all. His eyes were completely trained on the timid human in front of him, one hand shoveling food while the other lay near him protectively.

“Yeah.” Ashley said quietly, rubbing the part of her neck where Dean had touched her.

“He's changed.”
Coping Skills and Peppermints (G/t) pt. 11
  ahdafdhlajflavlea i love and miss these two babies so much so hERE YOU GO MORE FLYNN AND DEAN PLEASE ENJOY

And what do you all think of poor bb Dean's attempts to be nice and sweet ;w;  He's trying, trust me, the poor child  Pray for him hes gonna need it~
I suddenly flinched as the hand behind me came up further, jolting me out of my thoughts as it rested against my back in an attempt to get me to lean back. Instantly, I crawled forward, away from the incoming hand, but of course I wasn't fast enough. In a second the hand decided to pluck me up, entangling my in a loose fist in front of the giant face.

All of the sudden, I bitterly missed being on that chest.

I squirmed a little in the grip, but quickly gave up, the scrutinizing gaze hammering into me and breaking my bones. He simply grinned, eyes never leaving mine.

“Jeez, I was right. You are a fighter. That should make your time here interesting.”

He laughed a little, for some reason seeming to hope I would laugh to, but I just stared at him blankly, more unamused than I had ever been in my life. His laugh faded into an awkward cough and he looked at me again, biting his lip.

“Well, err, why don't you tell me your name? Calling you ‘human’ all the time must really get on your nerves.”

I blinked at him and he frowned down at me, racking his brain for a way to get me to cooperate. Like he really cared about getting on my nerves. Ha, as if.

“Well my name is Ashton Pierce. Um, I'm 18.”

He looked at me, hoping to urge me on. Nope. He huffed.

“I've got an older brother in college…” He trailed off, still hoping to get something, anything out of me. Nooooope.

“My favorite color is yellow?”

He said the last one like a question, searching my eyes for some glint of relation or desire to even hear about these things I couldn't care less about. The only thing I cared about was getting home. Home…

He groaned loudly and I flinched, ripped from my thoughts and back into reality. Great.

“Oh, come on! I'm trying to be nice! I just want to know your name.”

I looked back at him and bit my cheek stubbornly, refusing to budge.

“Can I guess?”

I furrowed my eyebrows at him, taken off guard. He looked at me as though the world depended on that stupid question. Several seconds passed and he continued to look at me questioningly. Was he serious?

I carefully shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly. I mean, sure, why the hell not. I had nothing better to do. His frown stretched back into a grin then, and I almost wanted to laugh. This was completely ridiculous. Playing guessing games with a freaking fictional creature.

“Great! Now let's see…”

I sucked in a sharp breath as he, well, Ashton brought me closer to his face, eyes traveling every area of my face, my own eyes partially covered up by disheveled blonde bangs. He stared at me like it was his life's work, like if he took one look away from me his pupils would snap. It made my heart pound dangerously in my chest. I worried that he could hear it.  

I hated that he could do that to me, that he could be so powerful over me and scare me shitless with one simple action. He rid me of any words built up in my throat and left me mute, terrified. I hated his human his name sounded, how I could've met any ol’ person at home named Ashton and not have thought twice about it. I hated it.

“Petunia.” He stated bluntly, a completely serious expression of his face.

Oh dear.

I raised an eyebrow how out of reflex. Did I really look like a Petunia?
How should I even take that?

He noticed my expression and smiled a little bit, rolling his eyes.

“Okay, not Petunia.” He paused again, looking down for a second before gracing back up at me.


I shook my head at him slowly, a slight smile on my face. It felt foreign in this place, smiling. That's when I realized that I hadn't really smiled once since I got here. I mean, why should I? The smile quickly faded.


“Oh for the love of god, it's Rose. My names Rose.”

I blurted out to both of our surprises. His eyes widened at me, taking a second to absorb the fact that yes, I did indeed say something that wasn't a cry for release or a scream. Amazing.

Ashton continued staring at me like that for several moments and my skin rose in goose bumps, feeling smaller than ever under his heavy, cool gaze. His eyes then began to soften, catching me off guard yet again as his dark eyelashes fanned over his tantalizing gaze, almost as if he was viewing me in a new light. At least I hoped.

“Rose…” He whispered, trying out the name on his tongue. I felt a pang in my chest hearing it roll off, remembering the way my friends would say it, or the way my dad and sister would say it. I'd give anything to hear them call my name this very moment.

Out of nowhere, he began cracking up furiously, shattering the moment completely and I startled in his hand, staring at him with wide eyes. What the hell?

I looked him incredulously as his face began to redden from laughter, tears brimming the edge of his eyes. What exactly was so funny?

“I-I get it.” He snorted, still overcome with laughter.


“Your names Rose, like the flower. And flowers are tiny…and… and YOU’RE tiny too!”

At that last bit he just completely lost his marbles, losing every drop of sanity left that I had thought of him. I could only stay there, wrapped up in his hand with my eyebrows raised, watching this madman laugh at my own damn name.

“AND…and not only are you a flower. You're a rose. You've got THORNS. GET IT, cause you're so FIESTY.”

Another howl of laughter erupted and I stared at him, earning myself another record for being the most unamused I had ever been in my life. Great. I really had been kidnapped by a legitimate crazy person.

I watched as his tomato red face slowly shifted back into a normal person beige, wiping the tears from his eyes and flicking a curl of brown hair from his eye.

“It's funny…” He trailed off snickering, rubbing his eyes for a quick second before returning them back to me. I looked at him blankly.

He paused for a second, waiting for me to bust out laughing because, of course, my name and my current situation were so hilarious.
Once I didn’t, he suddenly stood up, everything whirring into motion so quickly it felt as though somebody had clubbed my brain like a golf ball. I couldn't help but scream at the intensity of it all, and as he finally stood still, the shakiness of everything dying down, he looked down at me.

“Christ, you scream a lot. I told you that you didn't have to be scared, remember, Rose?”

Ashton smirked at me, one dimple digging into his right cheek and I shivered. Oh yeah, tooootally. I'll just get kidnapped by a fucking giant person and be completely chill with my whole damn world being flipped upside down. Oh, and you want to pick me up with absolutely no warning? Go right on ahead. Totally not terrifying. Totally.

I sighed at him in frustration, the joints in my body aching from last night’s fall.

“Well, maybe if you didn't move so damn fast, I could the so scared all the time!”

I scolded rather loudly, flames engulfing my glare at him. He grinned at me slyly. He looked almost content with my outburst, as if it was his goal for me to speak up like that, infuriating me further. Extending his index finger, he playfully poked me in my side.

“Hey, that's not my problem, Rosebud. It's not my fault you’re so bite sized.”

I rolled my eyes, stubbornly squirming in his loose fist and desperately trying to ignore the sharp pang I felt in my chest. Rosebud.  The idea of him coining some weird nickname for me put an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

He poked my cheek with the tip of his finger and I recoiled, skin flushing.

“Now, come on then. I've just started getting you to talk. The least you can do is smile.”

He gave me a toothy grin, looking at me as if I was supposed to follow his lead and my frown deepened.

How about no.

He huffed dramatically, running a hand sloppily through his curls, making them bounce in every direction. His shoulders flexed slightly.

“Well, fine, little miss moody. You're coming with me then.”

My breath caught in my throat as he began moving again, this time turning the door knob with a loud creak and walking out into the halls. I couldn't see much over the slow rhythmic stomps of his booming footsteps, and all I got were flashes of red and yellow walls before another door opened and he took me in, shutting the door quickly behind him. Worry suddenly overtook me. Ashton said it was just him and his father here. Was his father here now?

Oh god, I couldn't deal with yet another giant…

Head pounding, I ignored my anxiety and immediately absorbed my surroundings. Blue tiles lined the walls, a fluffy yellow carpet lying on the large, beige tiles of the floor, aligned next to a looming shower, the kind with a bathtub built into it and a dull, grey shower curtain. The far left was a porcelain white toilet, a fuzzy yellow cover to match the floor. Lying behind a large, rectangular counter, the other side of the bathroom was a marble counter, dipping into a large white sink and below were slick, brown cabinets, the same color as Ashton's hair. I stiffened.

What were we doing in the bathroom?

He walked in with a sigh, plopping onto the toilet seat cover with a groan, still only clothed in dusty red plaid boxers. I was suddenly grateful I only had visual access to his face.

“Alright, well I need to get ready for the day, and I'm sure as hell not leaving you in the room by yourself after the stunt you pulled last night.”

His eyes dug into mine with a sly smirk and I shrunk back, looking away and slightly ashamed for reasons I couldn't out my finger on.

“So, you've got two options. You could hop on in the shower with me…”

His expression deepened darkly and mine reddened, chest feeling like it would collapse.


T o g e t h e r

“No! Nonono, I think I'll pass, really.”

I squeaked, slightly begging. If Ashton wanted me in that shower with him, there was nothing I could really do to stop him. I just had to pray and wish he had just an ounce of decency to let me be on my own. Clothed.
I could just imagine Kyle laughing at my misfortune right now.

He chuckled, eyes sparkling with amusement. I gulped.

“I mean hey, suit yourself. How about option number two, then?”

In a flash, his arm reached over to the sink and flicked the knob on, hot steaming water instantly flowing from the metal nozzle. He clicked the lever behind it shut so that the sink could close, and quickly it began to fill up, steam oozing up from the marble.  He looked back at me.

“Take a bath on your own, in here. Don't worry, I won't peek.”

His eyes glimmered with a wink and I felt weak kneed, like moldable clay putty in his hands. Nothing about being naked in the same room as my own captor sat well with me, but what other choice did I really have? I couldn't deny that a shower would feel like freaking heaven at this point, my bangs already slightly dampened with a day's worth of stress and grease.

I was just about to groan out a comply, when I felt it. A dull, ringing pressure in my lower pelvis, pumping against my bladder.

Oh hell.

I had to freaking pee.
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 6
HES GOT A NAME! Ashton, the meanie head buttface, finally has a name~ ha ha Ashton more like ASSton

Anyways we finally get some quality interaction between these two, but alas, bladders ruin everything.
I've always wondered how peeing and all that good shiz would even work in G/t situations like these. Like ew would they have to pee in a sink or something?? Gross.
Rose isn't about that. 

Tell me what you think! Comments, thoughts, and critics are always appreciated ;w;
A disgruntled “Shit!” was the first thing I heard as I slowly regained consciousness, my eyes unable to unglue themselves shut, seeming sewn at their seams.

The next thing was the pounding, the blood pumping through the veins in my temples as I still swam in darkness. Dull memories began to sink back into my brain, swinging through my aching skull.

Falling, falling smack onto the floor.
Then darkness.

The floor…

My eyes split open, blinding light immediately penetrating my vision and I winced, slowly adjusting to the room around me. I was staring straight at the cream colored ceiling, sunlight glimmering in from nearby windows high above me, setting the room in a crisp, cool atmosphere.

Shit. Was it already morning...?

Then I remembered. The voice I just heard. The giant.

I sprang up into a standing position, my heart rate not quite keeping up and tightening my brain, suddenly feeling extremely lightheaded, horrible knives of hot pain searing throughout my entire body. I winced again and clenched my teeth, but I couldn't dwell on that for long. The giant was awake, and I needed to run. Now.

I glanced up at the bed, eyes widening as I saw him, still disgruntled from sleep, but looking panicked, holding the jar I had been in up to his face with shock mixed with anger and terror in his wide, blue eyes. My chest felt like it had been punched deep into my ribs. He was awake.

The white bedside table stood beside me, only a few feet away and enough space underneath for me to crawl under to hide. Red hot adrenaline began to rush through my veins and I was about to make a break for it, but another wave of horror over took me then.

The watch.
It wasn't on my back anymore.

Stomach churning, my eyes quickly scanned the floor, almost immediately finding the black watch sprawled out onto the wooden floor between pages of loose leaf drawings, several feet away from me and away from my hiding place.
It'd be a risk. I could sprint out, snatch up the watch, and run back to the table and slide underneath it in about 20 seconds total. Kyle could've done that easily. Lucky bastard.

Fear began to reflood my body. The giant might see me.
I didn't know what would happen to me then.  

But if was a risk I had to take. I'd come so far.

Without thinking twice, my legs whirred into motion, sprinting towards the mass of black leather and buttons, nervous sweat seeping through the pores in my forehead.
10 seconds.
In one quick movement, without stopping I snatch up the watch, disgruntling a few sketches and hoisting it over my back, earning another wince as it smacked against my bruise. I spun around and sprinted as fast as I could, legs burning and brain rushing with just one idea. Get to the table get to the table get to the-

“Hey! Just where do you think you're going, little one?"

The deep voice suddenly boomed all around me, reverberating in my chest and pushing my faster and more forceful towards the table. I felt air whir around me and flicked my eyes up to find a giant hand looming down above me. I didn't freeze this time. Gripped with terror, instead I flew underneath the table, falling to my knees and sliding into the darkness, the space just high enough for me to sit comfortably. Clouds of grey dust slid off of the floor and into the air and I coughed, pushing away the dust bunnies with my hands. Still on my knees, I scooted myself as far away from the sliver of light where I had come through in a panic, hearing the giant groan in frustration as a foot hit the ground, shaking the floor with tremors.

Curling my knees up to my chest, I trembled in the cramped darkness, watching and feeling as my captor stumbled off the bed, his two bare feet just a few yards away from the table. The floor crashed and shook again as he collapsed to his knees, every rumble of the ground tightening the grip of fear in my gut.

“Come out, come out, wherever you areeee. He sing-songed, his voice booming all around me like a bass in a concert set to its highest setting. I could feel it vibrating each one of my bones.

I curled up tighter, inching away slightly as the ground continued to shake, and to my horror, the light of my entry began to dim, replaced with a face.

A giant face.

I couldn't see the whole face, the giant’s head turned onto its side, but regardless the gaze fell on top of me like a load of cement slammed into my stomach. His blue eye practically glowed in the dark, and that plastic smirk of his glimmering on his face.

It was over. He had caught me. My one chance of escape, gone. What was I thinking?

I refused to give in though. If he wanted me, fine. He was going to have to drag me out.

“Now come on, little troublemaker. Come out from under there. Don't make me snatch you out.” He warned, a playful tone sewn into his lips, flowing out of his mouth like liquid concrete hardening in my stomach.

I simply sat there shaking with trained eyes, trying to hide my quivers as he urged me on with his. He chuckled a bit, the warm air wafting underneath the table where I was. I shivered.

“Alright, you asked for it. C’mere…”

The giant raised his head out from the crack, the light returning for a brief second before another enormous hand took its place, face down and beginning to snake its way underneath the table. Right. Towards. Me.

Throat tightening, I threw myself back, crawling backwards with my feet and hands as fast as I could, feeling as though I'd throw up as the hand quickly shot all the way under, a giant finger landing right onto my foot. I shrieked and tried to shake it off, but an overwhelmingly heavy pressure pressed onto it, climbing up to my knees and taking hold of them, a giant thumb settling underneath my thighs. Oh no.


In the blink of an eye, the hand gripped my legs tighter and dragged me out, my back falling behind me onto the watch, screaming and squirming away from the grip and my vision soon went from darkness to light, the suffocating air replaced with the clean lavender of the room.

All movement stopped for a brief moment and I took a deep, shaky breath, staring up and up at the face of my blue eyed, shaggy haired, bare chested captor, looking  way too satisfied and amused. His fingers were still gripping my legs.

“There you are.”

Those words put a sinking, sour taste in the pit of my stomach. Those were the first I words I had ever heard him speak, yesterday in the field back when I was a normal girl with a relatively normal life. Not running from monsters I didn't know existed. Christ, monsters like these were supposed to exist in closets, not all around me.

    He smiled and with the flick of his wrist, he lifted his hand up, dangling me upside down in mid air and earning a scream from me. The watch dangled dangerously from my back, threatening to slide off my shoulders. My brain lunged against my skull as I tried to adjust my gaze on him upside down, fear crumbling every part of my body.

I felt pressure move in my pocket then, and I stiffened, my pulse pumping into my throat. My phone. It was sliding out of my pocket. Any sudden movement and it would go crashing to the floor. Not only would my escape diminish, but so would any access I had to my own world besides that damn watch. I hadn't even been able to see if Kyle answered yet.


I gasped as he suddenly moved me closer to his face, feeling the smooth surface of my phone finally slip out of my pocket and I sprung my arms forward to catch it in time. Being upside down was taking a toll on my body and I wasn't even close, a flash of purple crossing my vision before it fell below me. The giant’s eyes darted from me to the phone, and in one movement he drew his other hand out and caught it, landing in the crease of his palm. A lump formed in my throat and I tried to swallow it as I carefully watched his eyebrows furrow, raising the hand up to his face, trying to understand what the seemingly tiny purple object was.

“Is…is this a phone? You humans have phones?”

He looked at me, his eyebrows still scrunched and I slowly nodded. What other choice did I have? An amused smile crept onto his face and I sucked in a deep breath, heart still racing.

“Aw, it's so teeny tiny, just like you. I can barely even see it in my hand. You humans are more advanced than I thought you were.”

He continued to gaze upon the phone in wonder and amusement until I fought the courage to speak up, my voice practically croaking from all the screaming I had been doing lately.

“Um, can, can I have it back?” I questioned, trying to hide the obvious tremble in my voice. His eyes flashed back to mine and I froze, his mere gaze holding me captive. Even my own question sounded more and more stupid the longer I processed it.

“What, and let you try to call your little human friends up to come and get you? I don't think so. Not that they could ever get here anyway. As funny as it would be having you little creatures scampering around my room, I don't think that's such a great idea. I plan on keeping you all to myself.”

Deep down I knew he wouldn't ever give it back, unless he was even crazier than he already was, but just hearing his words rumble in the air left me dizzy and motionless. He wanted to keep me all to himself. The mere thought of that statement made me feel like I was going to puke. Suddenly, the idea of Kyle and my family coming to my rescue grew in stupidity, then fizzed away from my brain. What was I thinking? They didn't have a portal. This watch seemed to be the only way back home. And inky feeling ran through my blood and I sighed, drooping over still turned over, blonde hair falling loosely in the air. He smirked again, teeth showing as he clenched the fist with my phone in it, and placed it on the bedside table.

My tongue felt thick in my mouth as I glared at his upside down face, his apparent smile clearer than ever.  

Then his eyes darkened.

My chest began to sink as I watched it fade into a dissatisfied frown, eyes narrowing in on the watch hanging from my shoulders.

Well, I’m screwed as hell.

His massive fingers suddenly pinched it from behind and I let out a yelp, the digits ripping it from my shoulders. I stared painfully as he examined it in his palm, almost as if he didn't register what it was for a second. His frown deepened.

He brought me closer to his eyes, narrowing in on my upside figure, drooping between the digits. He held the watch up to my face, forcing me to look at it. My one way back home. My chance of escape that was so close it was practically tangible. My fingertips still simmered at the thought of that green button.

“And what, exactly, are you doing with this?”

Tears began to pool into my eyes, threatening to spill with one shake of his hand. He was going to kill me. Kill me or torture me with some unbearable punishment. Maybe he'd go find a new girl more obedient than I. Some poor girl snatched away from her home just like me…

Something surprised me then.
His eyes focused in on mine, deep blue pools submerging themselves into my green, narrowing in on the tears forming at the edges. I couldn't help but tremble under his scrutinizing gaze, but that was the thing. It wasn't scrutinizing anymore. Something flashed across his face for a quick moment, almost as if remembering something he wished he didn't, then quickly returning to the dark, teasing glimmer I knew so well at this point. What was he thinking?

He sighed and flipped me upright, blood that had been swelling at the base of my skull now returning to its proper place in my body. I now sat cupped in his palm, feeling unsteady on the uneven surface, and unable to get into a reasonable sitting position. It was still a thousand times better than the prior arrangements, though.

He tossed the watch onto the bed and ran his other hand through his hair, exhaling. All his movements were magnified a hundred times, everyone taking up my entire vision and rushing through his hands with very twitch and breath. It both terrified and intrigued me as I sat there anxiously.

“You've put me through quite an exciting morning, you know that?” He said rhetorically, looking me deep in the eyes with an unreadable expression.

So…he wasn’t going to punish me?
What exactly was this guys deal?  First he goes from scaring the shit out of me, dragging me across the freaking floor, and now he’s being all…gentle. It gave me a moment to look at him, to really look at him again, while he wasn't being such a narcissistic maniac.

Messy, bedridden brown curls framed his face and flicked around his eyes, strong jaw with not a speck of scruff. Long eyelashes fanned over his heavy blue-grey eyes, staring intently at me.  His lips were full and stretched across his face in almost a permanent amused expression. I had gotten the chance to look at him like this yesterday, and it still bothered me then and now how human he looked. It would be so much easier to hate him if he looked like the giants in fairy tales, the ones with the grotesque crooked faces and snarled mouths.

Oh but trust me, it was still pretty easy to hate him.

His thick eyebrows scrunched up again and he brought me closer to his face. I could practically feel the heat radiating off of his bare skin.

“You're not much of a talker, are you? Hopefully I can get a few words out of you today.”

I frowned at him in reluctance and he exhaled, almost laughing.

“ Come on, living with me won't be so bad! It's just me and my dad here.”

He gave me an encouraging smile and I shrunk back, the teeth glistening far too close for comfort. His eyes narrowed in on mine again and he reached his other hand out, index finger pointed towards me and forcing its way up and down my back. I writhed away from it, but he was relentless yet again.  

“You're so scared, little one, aren't you?”

His voice suddenly softened, catching me completely off guard. For a brief second, it didn't even sound like him. I didn't say anything, still curled up as far away from him as possible and pressing myself against the angled fingers behind me. His finger trailed up to my hair and I grimaced, fighting a shiver as it snaked up and down my neck.

He brought me even closer to his face then, so close I could feel every breath and word he spoke through dense, hot, suffocating me. I curled away further, terrified.

“Don't be. Don't be afraid. I don't want to hurt you, I promise. I'm not gonna hurt you.” He cooed softly, and tears began to brim my eyes from earlier. That's what he didn't get. He already hurt me. He took me away from my home, my world, to be stuck here as some pet.
He already freaking hurt me, the bastard.

He looked at me, not saying anything to him still, and sighed, beginning to walk back over to the bed, unfortunately and obviously taking me with him.  I yelped at the sudden movement, and clutched the rough skin of the fingers as he climbed onto the fabric, jolting me around as he settled into a semi, laying position, his upper back still slightly propped up. Then, without warning the hand holding me released, plopping me onto the giants chest. His bare chest.

What the hell kind of transition was that? He was just being almost okay a second ago.

Embarrassed heat instantly flushed inside me and I attempted to sit up, now facedown against the hot skin, but a chuckle rumbled all through the surface and another finger came darting out of nowhere, pressing me against the chest and running up and down my back. I desperately tried to sit up, but he wouldn’t allow me, continuing to smush me against his chest.

This man child…

I huffed and slumped down, giving in to his persist at touch. I was just too small in this world. Fighting him off seemed to be nearly impossible. After all, he was everywhere.

Humiliated, I craned my head up to look at him and the finger behind me released, instantly filling me with relief and I shot up into an uneven kneeling sitting position, the heat of  the skin radiating off into my thick leggings.  I gasped as I almost fell back on the slant and shot my arms out below me, steadying myself on the smooth skin surface. Quickly, he placed a hand cupped behind me, so close I could practically feel it twitching and I stiffened, watching the giant carefully as he observed me coyly. I turned my head around me, internally groaning looking for any possible escape, and my chest became heavy as it dawned on me that no matter where I went, he'd be able to snatch me up in a flash. A chuckle rumbled through the chest again and I yelped, the surface humming like a drum.

“Don't even bother looking for a place to run. There's nowhere to go.” He said, reading my mind. My face reddened and I looked down, feeling overwhelmed with the hugeness of everything around me.

It was 3 kinds of awful feeling like I was being constantly watched. Everywhere I went and everywhere I looked, I could still feel his deep blue eyes, watching, always watching.

It was exhausting.
Thorns (G/t) Chapter 5
I feel like i start every description with 'poor Rose", but its just so accurate

Whelp, that escape quite obviously didn't work.

Also RIP Rose's phone 2017-2017

You will definitely be missed.

Tell me what all you beautiful people think of this very confusing, energetic and slightly bipolar  giant!

Comments are always appreciated~




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