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There was something breathtaking about being held by another person.

Flynn should have been scared. Terrified. Weak in his knees.

And he was all 3 of those things.

Oh, but being in his position, it wasn't like any other time he'd been lifted off his feet by a giant.
No, this time it was something completely and utterly terrifying and deliciously enthralling.

Flynn was standing there in that cold marble, reaching about Deans waist and craning his neck up and up to meet his piercing eyes. The way Dean licked his lips made him tremble.

He watched carefully as he gazed down at him, swallowing, and his eyes quickly traveling up and down Flynn’s body so swiftly you would've missed it if you blinked.

Should Flynn have followed his immediate instincts and either A. Beg for an excuse not to be held, or B. Run?  Yes.

Did he? No.

No, not at all, to be exact. Because here he was standing there about to be stolen away by Dean, who made his heart quiver and his stomach fall like rain, and he couldn't remember the last time anyone had ever made him feel this way.

It must have barely taken a few seconds for his calloced hand to drop towards him, but it felt so agonizingly slow,  pouring out seconds like molasses into days. And all of the sudden, he couldn't remember how to use his feet.

Would he lay his hand out flat on the counter for me to step on? Or maybe just snatch me up like the last time? Oh god …my god….

All he wanted to do in the moment was scream, but not out of fear. No not at all, but out of mind numbing blinding built up emotions, erotic to the brain and overwhelming to the chest.
He knew, however, that not even god would hear him if he did. Not even the upstairs.
His scream vibrated around his ribs, rattling his chains.

The way Dean did it was so gentle, he didn't think he could've been touched softer by a speck of dust. Such a maddening difference from the last time Dean held him was making his mind spin.
He started wide eyed at the massive hand that landed in front of him, bigger than his entire body. Flynn’s eyes traveled all over the palm, into the crevices and lines, the little veins running up from the fingers, and delicate scars tracing the knuckles. It was angled a bit, so Flynn couldn't quite  step into his hand.
His heart was racing a mile a minute, his face covered deep scarlet as Dean’s movements dragged on, coming a little closer to draw out another hand, which he laid behind Flynn, lightly brushing his back with a few fingers. His pelvis pressed against the edge of the counter.

The new, foreign untouched region of his back making contact with his hand made him jump a little, and he stumbled forward a bit but still caught his step.

At this point Flynn was completely surrounded by flesh, his hands just barely completely cupped around his and he gasped as Dean lightly nudged Flynn’s back toward Dean’s other hand, easily gathering him up.

Flynn quivered as he stay in his knees, which slightly sinked into the skin of his palm. His stomach tied in sharp knots as his eyes traveled up to deans wrist, up his thick forearm, bulging with  veins winding up the smooth skin of his arm,  up to his pronounced shoulders, his scruff, lips, and dark eyes, outlined with whisks of dark blue hair.

He crumbled right there in his palm, every inch he was pulled up closer to Dean’s face chipped another little part of him. He couldn't hear anything else, the entire world whirring into slow motion, and completely oblivious of Abigail’s quizzical expression.

As he neared closer to his face, distorting his vision of the huge features, he scooted back on the hand, only to bump into a wall of fingers. It didn't take long for Dean’s face to fill up his entire view, that familiar warm peppermint air washing over him again. Flynn sat, all thoughts of warning or danger slipping from his mind. All he could focus on were his lips. And oh, we're they close.

His eyes tore themselves from his mouth up to this eyes, which were already fiercely trained on him, making his heart skip a beat. He could just barely make out his reflection in the glassiness of the deep mocha brown….


Abigail cleared her throat and both of their gazes shattered, turning their attention over to her.
She flicked her gazes back and forth from their flushed faces suspiciously, probably worried about another one of those, err, ”incidents” that Flynn’s roommate had mentioned earlier.

But that was crazy, he had thought. Well, at this point it was rather obvious that he was undeniably and totally tragically attracted to Dean, but…that didn't mean it really meant anything. Despite the pretty face, he still packed a punch. He wouldn't let himself fall for Dean….

“…..Oh my god, I am completely falling for Flynn.” Dean bit his lip and inwardly smacked himself, trying to regain control of himself. It didn't take just any ordinary person to turn him over and over the way that this little pink haired bright eyed human was. It drove him absolutely mad

…Little sparkling bubbles of cider fizzled up in his chest, popping in mini gleeful spurts around his ribcage.
And holding Flynn was like holding Dean’s own future in his hands, wrapped up into a little porcelain bow.
Swirls of sugary cinnamon swam in the air like warm watercolors….

He had to fight back from these feelings that were knocking at his skull. He didn't want to hurt anyone else….

He was unlovable.

A diagnosis.

A monster.

And maybe that's why it bothered him so much. Because Flynn wasn't looking at him like he was a monster. Well, he was sure that he was thinking it, especially after the little incident a few hours earlier, but his face was coated in nothing but the sheer look of curiosity and astonishment.

A lot of humans looked like that, however. Maybe it didn't make Dean special at all. He was probably just gazing up at Dean in that flustered clueless look a lot of humans gave giants when being picked up like that. His heart sank a little.

He turned his attention back to Abigail with slight bitterness and lowered his palm down to his chest, pressing the edge against his tee shirt to make sure Flynn was secure. His minuscule weight weighed down in his hand like a thousand pounds.

“We, uh, should head over to group therapy in the living room. It's almost seven, so it should be starting soon…”

Dean swallowed and nodded as she blinked her long eyelashes, turning around to shuffle down from the kitchen to the living room around the corner. He took a step and instantly winced, worrying he was too abrupt with his movements and startled the human. Cautiously, he placed his thumb behind Flynn’s back, feeling his tiny body flinch against his for a second. The soft material of his sweater was hot.

Its just a plain, old human. No one important. Nothing to worry about. Just…calm down. You are the strongest one here. Everyones intimidated by you. You will NOT be intimidated by a puny little human.

He pep talked himself in vain, that foreign feeling deep in his stomach telling him otherwise.

Taking a deep breath, he took another step, securing his thumb’s grip on Flynn. He could just barely feel his tiny heartbeat fluttering against his skin. It made his face heat up.

He took careful steps towards the living room, nailing his gaze on the back of Abigail's head so he wouldn't be tempted to look down.

They were the last ones in the room, everyone already seated and of course all taking a glance at them as they stepped into the carpeted room. The room was loosely outlined with grey green sofas to form a large square around it, one side cut open.

Abigail took her seat nearby against the wall as everyone's attention turned away. She gestured with the nod of her head to a close by sofa on the end. Gritting his teeth, he pulled his hand away from his chest, cupping Flynn in his palm securely as to not drop him.

Slooooooowly he sat down, desperate not to rattle the human the same way his bones were rattling in his chest. He hated the way Flynn was making him. Stupid and flustered.

He sighed in relief as his head crashed against the sofa, bringing his attention back down to the human in his palm.

He wasn't there.

Deans heart slammed in his chest, eyes widening as he traced his hand over and over again, a sinking feeling of dread washing over him.

‘oh god… Jesus fuck I killed him. I bet I killed him. Where the hell is he….where the fu-


The noise interrupted his panicked thoughts and a whole new wave of embarrassment washed over him, looking down from where the sound came from.

His eyes searched the surface of his Jean covered lap until he spotted a small spot of pink and grey, sprawled out face first onto his lap and trying desperately to sit up.

Meanwhile Flynn’s face became boiling hot as he managed to gain his footing. He had slipped off the palm, of Dean’s hand as he sat down, and although it was not a long fall, it was a rather embarrassing one.
He propped himself nervously on the Jean material trying to gather his thoughts which seemed to be spilling out of his ears.

“Oh-g-god sorry, I d-didn’t mea-” Dean began rumbling in a hushed whisper, quickly regaining his composure. Flynn shrunk back as he brought out a hand above him, ready to pluck him off of his lap.

“Err…sorry.” Dean corrected cooly, pinching Flynn’s sweater from begging and quickly plopping him on the arm of the couch. He was trying to keep his cool, but really his stomach was churning madly.

He had one goal. “Don't drop the human.” And what did he do?

He dropped the damn human.

“Fuck….” Dean muttered under his breath again, trying with difficulty to focus in on the intro that a group therapist was beginning to word together for them.

This was going to be a long day.

sorry this chapter is late ;n;

What do you guys think so far?? Let me know down below!!
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Lady-Blue-Rose Featured By Owner May 12, 2016
Awkward teen crushes are awkward!  ~giggles~ Poor Dean.  
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the awkwardness shall continue hehehehehee~
Lady-Blue-Rose Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
Locemo Featured By Owner May 10, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
This was, and continues to be, an extremely well written piece.

And also completely adorable : )
hoshirozu Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww thank you so much I'm so so so happy you think so!!! 0w0

and yasss ehehehe~
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( You and these two dorks are killing me, just so you know.)
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yes yes YES the plan is workinggggg

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I couldnt stop giggling madly the entire time god theyre adorable together
hoshirozu Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I was too while I was writing it so it's okay I feel u ;w;
AudiaTox Featured By Owner May 10, 2016

no srsly i love this! It's so embarrasing for the guys tho :V
hoshirozu Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
*scoffs at Dean*
but awkward sexual tension eheheheheheh

HeyImAdelaide Featured By Owner May 10, 2016
Fuckin adorable
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AWW I LOVE THIS STORY! SO good! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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more coming sooooon~
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Many more feels are to comeee

just you wait... >w>
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